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Combating Mental Blocks

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A mental block is perfectly normal and can affect us at various points in our lives. For example, a professional may suffer from a mental block when they are putting together a presentation and may look to colleagues for assistance. A student may suffer a mental block when they have an assignment to compelled and turn to a homework helper for help. Therefore, it’s clear to see that mental blocks can affect us all. So, we will now take a look at a number of ways of how you can overcome a mental block.

Have A Change Of Scenery

If you are in the same room day in, day out, you may find that it does not help when it comes to having a mental block. It is worth moving rooms or changing the environment that you are in completely. For example, if you are in your study, it may be worth leaving your home and heading to the library to continue what you are working on. A change of scenery can help as it may freshen up your thoughts.

Additionally, if you are in a space which is untidy then it’s worth tidying up. We work best in an uncluttered environment and clutter can affect our mood, productivity and overall performance.

Time Out

Take some time away and spend it with family and friends to switch your focus. You could even speak to them about what you’re struggling with as they may be able to come up with a new approach of dealing with your issue that you may not have considered. Another alternative could be to turn to social media as it’s a great way of getting inspiration and creativity which could help you overcome what you are having difficulty with and causing your mental block.

Small Steps

When you are suffering from a mental block so that you feel that you are making some headway, concentrate on completing any small tasks first as these can be completed quickly and may spur you on to tackle any larger tasks. This process may help alleviate a mental block as the largest tasks may not seem as daunting once you’ve chipped away at the smaller ones.

Learn Something New

When we are stuck in a mental block we need to stop and look outside of the box instead of revising old ideas / techniques. Consider doing something that you’ve never done before for example read a book that you wouldn’t normally consider, take up a new sport or follow a new recipe for something that you’ve never made before. Doing something new will help as it will make you think about something different and new and should help to free up your mental block.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Dig out some old pictures or play some old songs which remind you of a happy time in your life. By doing this you will feel positive and this may help to eradicate the mental block which is making you feel unproductive and frustrated.

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