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Get Better Reviews When You Use Digital Signage In Your Restaurant

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Get Better Reviews When You Use Digital Signage In Your Restaurant

One might imagine that the only thing that’s worth looking at in a restaurant is the menu, but that’s where they are wrong. Digital signage can be used in various ways, mostly for promotion. In this article we will explore all the different ways that a content management software can be advantageous in an eatery.

Give your patrons the time

Everybody hates waiting. It brings out the worst in people, but that’s because it’s unexpected and an unknown variable. If you’re able to give customers an idea of how long the wait will be until it’s their turn, it will give them a better state of mind to be patient. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that humans love looking at shiny objects and if you can offer them something interesting to look at, all the better.

Make it entertaining

Display real time user-generated Instagram posts. This engages the customer on a whole new level as they will feel relevant and involved. It can also provide an insight into what other people are saying, and at the same time, it’s free advertising! Having professional pictures taken of your food is a lot more different than having an unrelated third party touting about it on social media. Furthermore, it will encourage new customers to post pictures of their food as well and encourage returning customers to try something new. The incentive to post is to get on the board, so you don’t have to throw in any additional perks such as discounts or freebies.

Keep everything up to date

What’s something that really sinks your boat? Getting to your favorite restaurant and needing a specific dish to satiate your craving, only to be told it’s all sold out! Use digital sign boards to keep your customers updated on whatever is still available. They will thank you for it. The great thing about digital signage is that they can be updated easily and still look flawless. None of that scribbled out menus of days past. You can also use this opportunity to upsell and products that haven’t been getting the attention it deserves. For instance, if your brownies are sold out and you have some macadamia hot cakes that you think will appeal to brownie-lovers, put that in your bulletin. Tell your potential customers that brownies are sold out, so why not try your macadamia hot cakes instead? It’s a classic one stone two bird situation where you alleviate your customer’s disappointment and remedy it by offering a solution.

Promote yourself

Got a BBQ Saturday coming up over the weekend or an all you can eat promo happening over St. Patrick’s Day? Or maybe there’s a buy 2 free 1 on wings going on right now? Give your customers a heads up by plastering posters of the event on your digital displays.

Another great thing about it is that you can set them on a carousel so your images will rotate and you will be able to showcase everything that you want your customers to see. From your Instagram feed to the latest promotions. It’s sure to elevate the experience at your restaurant and get you some stellar reviews.