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First Public Bitcoin in Canada Reaches $100M Mark

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First Public Bitcoin in Canada Reaches $100M Mark

Canada launched its first public Bitcoin in April, and the funds have risen up 30% ever since. The Canadian digital asset manager has set the record for a milestone regarding the Bitcoin (BTC) fund. This fund of Bitcoin, the first in Canada included in the stock exchange, has surpassed the sum of $100 million, news announced on the 20th of October.

Due to the pandemic, many countries have seen the rise in Bitcoin’s value. This happened due to many reasons, one being that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are considered to be a safe investment to make. As considered by many prospects, Bitcoin has experienced a somewhat exponential growth ever since it was launched in 2009, hence it makes for an attractive investment for all generations alike.

If individuals are tech savvy, it is easy to avert investment in cryptocurrencies, mining, and even in automated sites like the likes of start trading bitcoin that generate earnings in this realm. It is money that is digitized but simultaneously never lost, hence it can never be a bad decision. With Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs numbers on the rise in every country, it is more than necessary to look into this reign of fascinating new technology.

Canada clearly jumped onto the trend train in April, and now it is witnessing Bitcoin (BTC) investments on the rise. The first regulated Cryptocurrency in Canada launched trading with Gemini Company in the U.S., which is aiding both ends. The two states have become incredibly interested to legitimize and standardize cryptocurrencies as a normal financial trading asset. They expect to reap the sow of their investments in the near future.

As huge crypto investors in Canada conveyed: “Big Milestone. The #Bitcoin Fund by @3iq_corp that trades publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange under $QBTC.U, just passed the $100 million mark. Onward!”, which communicates the excitement for both the present and future state of not only Bitcoin (BTC) but other cryptocurrencies as well.

It is important to note that Bitcoin’s value is rising as the years go by, and it is an attractive field of study if one wishes to pursue it. Furthermore, this kind of study will also enable one to gain financially if taken into consideration that purchasing a single Bitcoin (BTC) can alter the way you lead life in many ways. This is fantastic to consider because in the past physical monetary values and gold have been the setting stones for a rising economy. Nowadays, everything is slowly becoming digital, monetary values included, and perhaps in the near future physical monetary values will be completely perished. Taking Canada into example, with it’s rising Bitcoin (BTC) value, it is more than inviting for future investors to set aspirations and achieve them in the cryptocurrency world. If held accountable for such decisions, they can only claim they want to adhere to a bon vivant type of lifestyle! Following Canada’s instance, one can deduce how fast the market changes, and how fast the world goes around.