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Delayed Injuries After Car Accidents Are More Common than You Think

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Delayed Injuries After Car Accidents Are More Common than You Think

What happens right after a car accident? We check ourselves for injury, we assess our vehicles for damage and we exchange information. However, what happens when you have a delayed injury? It might sound implausible, but it’s not that uncommon. Some things cannot be seen by the naked eye, and some injuries are invisible, manifesting days or ever weeks down the road.

What is a delayed injury?

When people are involved in a car accident, they sometimes feel that they are fine, when in fact they are not. This is due to the adrenaline that floods our system. You might find that you aren’t as unscathed as you thought as bruises begin to appear or aches start up when you calm down. However, most of the time, delayed injuries are far more sinister. Blood clots, muscle or vertebrae injuries, internal bleeding, PTSD and even whiplash can occur after the traumatic event has passed.

These delayed injuries can lead to lasting damages, such as developing a disability due to internal bleeding. One can even be paralyzed from internal bleeding, and what then? Who will compensate for the damage that’s been irreversibly done?

What are victims' legal rights and the implications on claims?

To be eligible for recompense, the victim has to journal diligently. Any medical bill incurred, including treatment and medication should be saved. Note down the suffering that you have endured due to any complications that have arisen from the accident. This means that you should detail how your life was prior to the accident and how it has affected you from continuing to live the way you used to.

It might be difficult to chronicle the ambiguous details of your life, but keeping track of your conversations with your doctors, how much time you’ve spent on your treatments including commute time, or how it pains you to get ready, the family events you have missed due to your suffering or treatment, etcetera. Keep anything that can serve as proof for your claims, such as invitation cards, pictures, videos, and most importantly, receipts. You can also keep a diary and write down how much pain you are experiencing, how you feel, and detail how your injury has impacted your relationships.

If you are impaired by the medication you are taking and it is affecting your life, you should make sure the jury knows it too. Some medications cause further complications and you are also liable to claim for those issues as well.

Even if you walked away from the car accident seemingly unhurt, don’t count your lucky stars just yet. Get yourself checked out by medical personnel for a clean bill of health. In the event you experience delayed injuries, the first thing you should do is seek out a reputable lawyer who can help you with the proceedings.


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