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How To Survive And Thrive In Your College Years

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Your college years could be your very best – or your very worst – depending on how you approach the experience. Well, d’uh. That makes sense, right? But you would be surprised how many students choose to disregard well-meaning advice from those who have been there, done that. Here are some top tips on how to survive and thrive in your college years:

Learn what constitutes academic misconduct – and avoid it at all costs

We all know the risks of cheating academically- and no doubt you know someone who has been harshly penalized for it in the past. Colleges and universities don’t take too kindly to cheaters and so the best thing you can do to ensure you don’t get kicked out of college for ‘accidentally’ plagiarizing your friend or mentor’s work is to first understand what actually constitutes academic misconduct. Find out more about what constitutes misconduct here.

Take your hardest classes first

Take your toughest classes in the fall while the year is still young. Come springtime, you will be less enthused about college and your motivation will never be as strong as it will in those first couple of months as you eagerly begin your life as a young college student.

Take advantage of your college ID

Who knew that a college or student ID could give you to access discounts you won’t ever have access to again – until you are a pensioner, at least. Global brands including ASOS, Club Monaco, J Crew and Ralph Lauren actually offer student discounts of up to 30 per cent off, while Apple Music, The New York Times and Fedex similarly offer discounts for customers whose email address ends in .edu. Now there are bargains you really want to take advantage of while you can. Jump online right now and see what deals you can snag using your ID, you’ll thank me for it later.

Get a head start on your resume

Come graduation day, it won’t just be you beating down doors of local companies in a bid to lock in work experience – it will be you and several hundred of your college classmates. In fact, it will be more, when you consider how many colleges and universities across the United States are churning out similarly skilled graduates at roughly the same time each year. Don’t be the one that gets left behind – start now, while the college experience is new and while you are relatively motivated and not bogged down by exams and co-curriculars. Start asking around to see whether you have a family friend or contact who would consider bringing you on board for relevant work experience and begin as soon as possible.

Learn now how to prevent and recover lost computer work

There is absolutely nothing worse than slaving away for months at a time on an essay or piece of work and then losing the work because your computer crashes on the eve of a deadline.

Students have dropped out of college for far less than failing to deliver an essay on time, so it is well advised to take steps to ensure your work is always backed up via several channels so that should things go wrong, you least have a relatively recent version of the work saved elsewhere. Worst case scenario? You lose an entire body of work. Easy. Consider investing now in a powerful, cost-effective data recovery software like R-Studio, which uses advanced file recovery and disk repair technology to help entry-level and expert users recover important files without the hassle.

Last but not least, make sure you have fun. Your college years will be some of the most exciting you will ever experience, so don’t forget that while academic success is important this is a time to make friends, find your true self and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Content provided by Media Monthly.