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How To Fight Addiction in New York

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How To Fight Addiction in New York

Addiction is not a disease in the most real sense of the word. It is instead a violation of the physical and mental health of a person, a defeat of his personality, a loss of the best moral qualities and the character itself.

Though addiction is a pathological condition may seem to be irreversible and its negative impact to remain with addict forever, there is still a chance to rehabilitate. Like any big metropolis that concentrates a lot of people around, New York also suffers significantly from various social problems. And drug addiction is not an exception.

Several experts say that the scale of the problem of drug addiction could become epidemic soon. Americans have long been familiar with different kinds of addictions, and the rehabs in New York are the most advanced.

Why is it so dangerous?

Physical addiction

The main problem is that drug addiction develops quickly. First mental addiction and then physical. The speed of its formation depends mostly on the type of drug, but there are also some other factors. With the injection of certain types of opioids (heroin, promedol, etc.), addiction develops after 1-4 doses; with different types of drugs, this happens a little later - after 1-2 weeks.

Talking about how harmful the use of drugs is for physical health, one should mention that the transition between physical and mental addiction is real quick. All medications, regardless of how they were used, lead to a greater or lesser inevitable damage for the nervous system (including the brain), the immune system, liver, heart, lungs. Drugs cause harm not only to the addict but also to the people around him - both close and unfamiliar. When one has a physical addiction, drugs become to be the only meaning of one’s life. A person is continuously in search of the money necessary for the purchase of the next dose.

Drug-related crimes

Besides, most drug addicts fly down the social ladder, become unemployed and even homeless. Teenagers and students, who occupy most of those who are severely addicted, have even more severe problems with money - they have no place to make money from. Therefore it is not surprising that, according to the Bureau of Prisons, there are 207,847 people incarcerated in federal prisons. Roughly half (48.6 percent) are in for drug offenses. The range of crimes involving drug addicts is extensive: drug sales, burglary, robbery, theft, prostitution, assault, and even murder.

New York drug rehab

In New York, drug testing has been carried out since school, which provides excellent results in preventing the spreading of drug abuse among young people. A comprehensive course of therapy in rehabs in New York lasts about six months, at the end of it the leading narcologist examines the condition of the addict: if he is not yet ready for an independent life without stimulants, he is prolonged. In some exceptional cases, treatment can last up to a year.

Rehabs in NY are known by the high standards of the services they provide, the most advanced equipment, and excellent final results. Addicted patients receive here a program individually selected and formed by a team of qualified specialists for each of them. Rehabilitation here takes place 24/7. A specific program is being worked out by experienced practitioners, which promises optimal success. The patient is provided with comprehensive assistance (medical, psychological, social). What is also important is that they are given the necessary information to further deal with possible disruptions, and also help to find motivation for further actions. According to experts, to effectively get rid of the addiction, the person needs to change his system of values, admit the uselessness of psychoactive substances, and find new meanings for himself.

New Hope Manor

New Hope Manor is located in Barryville, which is a town in upstate New York right on the border with Pennsylvania. It is one of the best chemical addiction and alcohol use treatment facility in this area. The treatment options at New Hope Manor, which are structured into programs may help in the treatment of any mental health illness and substance abuse issues. What differs this one from others is that there is no specific time frame. Usually, it can vary from six to ten months. Patients are mandated to undergo a psychiatric evaluation focused on their physical and mental background. This can enable the specialists to decide which particular treatment or the combination of treatment plans would be best for the recovery of their patients.

Caron New York

This rehab is located in midtown Manhattan and is not just a recovery center, but also a foundation center for the recovering community in the New York area. As part of a complete service, Caron New York offers support groups and open houses for members and their parents in New York City, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, and Westchester. Their treatment usually consists of several workshops, free public lectures about addiction recovery, and different family education programs.

Arms Acres: Carmel

Situated in Putnam County, New York, Arms Acres is calculated for 170 places and is an excellent licensed rehab, which provides inpatient treatment for those suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs. As it is only about 100 miles away from New York City, Arms Acres is an excellent escape for individuals struggling with addiction to recover in a healthy environment away from the difficulties of city life.

ACI Chemical Dependency Treatment Centers

Addiction Care Interventions (ACI) can offer both inpatient and outpatient services for individuals suffering from addiction. The inpatient program is created individually for each patient and includes art, drama, meditation, education, nutrition, sports, and recreation. Treatment for residents is gender-specific. The outpatient programs help individuals improve communication, manage stress, and pay attention to physical health.

To sum up, there are lots of addiction rehab centers in New York, which you can visit if any signs of addiction are felt. Most of these rehabs offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment services. So you can always find the best rehabilitation facility in the state, depending on your type of addiction and desired therapy. All you have to do - independently if it is for your or your friend - look through the patient requirements, look through the reviews and feedbacks or call the professional consultant to choose the best drug rehab in the state.

Content provided by Media Monthly.