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How Can Smoking Destroy Your Immune System?

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How Can Smoking Destroy Your Immune System?

Smoking has been seen as a threat to human life and health for years. People, especially the conservative ones, are picky about smoking and everything connected to it. It is called bad or vicious habit, and if you have been seen once trying it while being a teenager, your parents must have scolded you severely. Teachers at school and your close relatives must have always told you that smoking leads to a wrong path of your life.

So, why? Undoubtedly, the first reason that you could name is its addictive effect. However, becoming addictive is just the top of the iceberg. Smoking as such brings many more problems into your life and health condition.

The critical thing to notice here is that the method of consuming nicotine can influence the way of harm, but it is silly to claim that, for example, vaping nicotine through even the best vape mod of 2019 is safer than using mouthpiece of the previous century.

Nicotine is a stimulant and potent parasympathomimetic alkaloid. This substance is seen as dangerous for the human body, especially if you are not aware of the proper dosage and your reactions to nicotine. There also exist such disease as substance use disorder (SUD) (you must have heard about it). This is a medical condition when a person suffers from a clinically significant impairment or distress caused by using one or several substances.

Smoking even things that are said to contain no nicotine also have some health risks, because of microelements that are created during burning the cigarette or vaporing the liquid with vape box mod kit. Scientists are concerned with the assertions of inclusion of cancerogenic elements into e liquids. All of the harmful aspects themselves or together with the other elements cause a wide range of health problems.

Health problem is quite a broad notion, and it is essential to know what risks you are prone to while consuming tobacco.

1. Brain

Nicotine is addictive. When you quit smoking, and the brain does not receive it in the previous amounts, you may feel anxious, irritable, and have intense cravings for nicotine.

2. Skin and face

When a person smoke, you can see it by the unaided eye because of the yellowish fingers and teeth. You may also receive some constant ulcers in your mouth or even gum disease. Smoking affects your sight, might boost the development of cataract or other diseases that might pass into blindness.

3. Heart

It is common knowledge that smoking causes heart diseases. Some of non-nicotine vape box mod kit was designed to decrease the possibilities of lung cancer and heart problems. However, now scientists are not sure that it works this way. By raising your blood pressure, nicotine puts stress on your heart. Nicotine makes it complicated to pump blood over the body and tightens vessels. Blood becomes sticky and thick.

Therefore, we know that tobacco and smoking cause different problems to your body and organism, but let us move to the immune system as such, because this is the ‘security system’ of our body.

1. A higher number of white blood cells

White blood cells’ function is to protect your body from infections, inflammations, and things like that. When the number of them grows, your brain receives the signal that you have been injured. When the number of cells is too high for an extended period, you get into the risk of a stroke, heart attack, or cancer. When you smoke, your body feels a kind of a ‘stress’ and produce more white blood cells.

2. Difficulties in healing wounds

When you smoke, some elements tighten blood vessels, which causes problems for oxygen, nutrients, and minerals to move all over the body. Because of this, any small cut would heal during a longer time than usual. Such a situation also increases the risks of getting some infections through the wound, development of skin ulcers, and even slowly making tissue dead.

3. Affecting the immune system directly

Tar and other elements contained in both cigarette smoke and vapor from even the most expensive vape mod influences the immune system the way that it becomes much less effective, it creates difficulties in fighting off infections of all types, and that means that you become more likely prone to different sicknesses. The probability that you would get sick grows. This means not only getting down with a cold but also being vulnerable to such autoimmune illnesses as multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis. Also, doctors notice the upturn in the interdependency between people who smoke and get cancer.

4. Higher risk of respiratory infections

Both smoke and vapor irritate the organs of the respiratory system and make them ‘damaged’ with every puff. Second-hand smoking also harms your respiratory system, even worse than the usual smoking.

To better your health condition, you have to try a healthy lifestyle, which excludes smoking and vaping. If you feel you cannot give up smoking at the present moment, try at least to balance your diet and exercise regularly.

Content provided by Media Monthly.