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Your Guide to Enjoy Morocco Vacations

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“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” – Confucius

From picturesque mountains to the colorful souks, golden sand dunes to the finest tanneries of the world, Morocco is a beautiful North African country that has so much to offer. During your stay in this magical country, you need to learn about this land for its unique culture and vibrant tradition which will help you take back something that’s only offered by Morocco!

Your Guide to Enjoy Morocco Vacations

While you can easily be guided and recommended on what places to visit on your Morocco Vacations to the ‘Land of God’, here is a list of 8 best things you must do:

1. Explore the Tanneries of Fez

The world-renowned Tanneries of Fez cater to a wide assortment of merchandises, especially if your heart desires the leather goods. While Old Medina is the main source from where these leather-made products come, you can view the entire process, from drying the leather skin to preparing it in the huge vats above the Chaouwara Tannery courtyard. Though the air might reek of feces of pigeons and quicklime that are used in the process, the end product (good quality leather products) will leave you in a state of content.

2. Walk Through the Blue Paradise - Chefchaouen

If you are a person with an eye for aesthetic beauty then you will fall in love with this blue village. Visit Chefchaouen for its enchanting scenery with buildings painted in all shades of blue and lush green mountain peaks that take this marvelous hamlet to the pinnacle of beauty. What’s more; it’s a place filled with artfully contrived markets, traditional guesthouses and cozy restaurants.

3. Learn to Recreate the Moroccan Flavours

After trying some iconic Moroccan dishes like harira and tagine, you will certainly develop an interest in the strong spices and the distinct cooking style of Moroccan cuisine. This is exactly when you should take up a cooking class to learn the art of creating these mouth-watering flavours. Most of the guesthouses (riads) offer one-day culinary classes with the best ones taking you to the markets to buy fresh ingredients and teach you how to create some absolutely delicious spicy food.

4. Try a Traditional Public Steam Bath - Hammam

While the Hammam or the public steam baths have decreased quite significantly in number, they are still considered a must to indulge in for a perfect experience of true Moroccan culture and tradition. In ancient times, these places were common for bathing and served as a means for people to bathe and socialize at the same time. Today, it’s a way of experiencing the Moroccan tradition which additionally provides an opportunity for exfoliation and cleansing to the tourists.

5. Spend a Night in the Sahara Desert

Spending a night under the sky that is naturally decorated with luminous stars in the midst of the Sahara desert is one experience that can leave you in a state of euphoria. Book a camel ride or a four-wheeler desert safari and watch the sand dunes of Sahara turn into dreamish crimson landscapes during the time of sunset and sunrise. It’ll surely leave you in a state of absolute bliss!

6. Explore the Colorful Maze-Like Souks

Morocco Vacations would be quite incomplete without paying a visit to the labyrinthine bazaars! Covered in bright colors, sounds and scents, these colorful maze-like souks are filled with shops selling everything from Aladdin’s lamps to beautiful hand-woven carpets. In fact, the souk is a perfect place to buy souvenirs for oneself along with all the famous Moroccan spices.

Pro tip: Be careful of the crafty salespersons who may fool you into buying anything. Also, practice your bargain skills well out there.

7. Trekking in the High Atlas Mountains

Stretching over 1500 miles, the Atlas Mountains are a must to be explored by all the adventure-seekers, trekkers and nature lovers. Though there are other means of exploring these highlands, trekking your way up these mountains is highly recommended. While the accommodations are easily available along the way, the best time to undertake this activity ranges from the months of April and May when the weather is quite pleasant and favorable.

8. Stay at a Traditional Riad

Did you know that Riads are hotels or guesthouses that are best to stay at if you wish to experience the traditional Moroccan home-vibes! Renowned for their epicurean quality, Riads are filled with harmony and tranquility and boast of an open, central courtyard [mostly with a water fountain], with rooms built in the surrounding galleries. The place indicates Moroccan culture through its architectural frame and glorified mosaic artworks, tiled floorings and eye-pleasing arches.

While there are a lot of things you can do in Morocco, these 8 activities provide an absolutely exotic experience that only a vacation to Morocco can provide. Happy traveling ☺

Content provided by Media Monthly.