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8 Common Myths About Outdoor Kitchens

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8 Common Myths About Outdoor Kitchens

Photo by Laurence Katz on Unsplash

If you like entertaining your guests outside, you may have thought about installing an outdoor kitchen. But some people believe common myths about outdoor kitchens outlined below.

Myth: You Can’t Customize A Prefabricated Outdoor Kitchen Island

Most prefabricated outdoor kitchen companies have prefabricated outdoor kitchen islands. But some outdoor kitchen companies also do custom-made islands. Both options have benefits.

A custom-made kitchen island is created to your precise specifications. But it may take more time to install and can cost more.

On the other hand, a prefabricated outdoor kitchen island doesn’t offer as many options. But you or your outdoor kitchen company can install it pretty fast. A prefabricated kitchen island also is less expensive.

While there aren’t as many options with the prefabricated product, don’t buy the myth that you can’t customize at all. Most manufacturers still let you customize some parts of the island before it arrives at your home.

Some possible customization options for your prefabricated kitchen island may include:

  • Countertop materials, such as marble, tile, or granite
  • The outer finish of the island base, such as stucco, brick, or sone
  • Appliances on the island, such as a dishwasher or gas stove
  • Cut-outs where you install personal cooking appliances

Remember: You can usually make some modifications to a prefabricated island; you don’t have to get a pricey, fully customized island to meet your expectations.

Myth: Putting The Kitchen In Direct Sunlight Is Fine

No, it isn’t! Actually, many homeowners don’t dedicate enough thought to kitchen placement in terms of sun exposure.

If the outdoor kitchen is put in direct (summer) sunlight, it will be hot and uncomfortable to use. After spending thousands of dollars, the last thing you want is not to use it! No one likes squinting in the hot summer sun to use their new outdoor kitchen and grill.

Many experts say one of the best outdoor kitchen ideas is to use a roof or pergola to provide shade.

Also, note that you don’t want an outdoor refrigerator exposed to direct sunlight, either.

Myth: You Can Skimp On The Size And Cost Of The Grill

One of the biggest benefits to installing an outdoor kitchen is using your grill a lot more. Grilling meat, fish, and vegetables outside is delicious, healthy, and you won’t smell up your home anymore.

So, make sure you budget for a large, high-quality grill. To decide how big a grill you need, think about how many guests and family members you will usually grill for. Then, consider what is the largest number you will grill for and how often will that happen?

If you can afford it, always opt for a bigger grill; most homeowners never regret having a big grill. But one that is too small….

Myth: Connecting Gas And Electric To An Outdoor Kitchen Is A Pain

It’s understandable to think that running gas and electric lines to your new outdoor kitchen will be a hassle. This is often untrue.

Many issues with running gas and electric lines can be avoided by simply installing the kitchen next to your house. Placing the island near the rear wall of the home means you don’t need to dig trenches to run the utility lines.

Plus, running utility lines further from the home isn’t as big of a pain as many think. Additionally, the cost of running a gas line to your grill reduces the cost of purchasing propane at $20 or $25 per tank.

If you don’t want to run a gas line, that’s fine. You can just go with propane. Just remember to keep an extra tank or two on hand.

Myth: Outdoor Kitchens Are Only For The Summer

Many only consider using the outdoor kitchen when it’s warm and sunny. But did you know many outdoor kitchen professionals can install walls to shield from the wind a heated floor, and even a roof that retracts?

A well-designed outdoor kitchen can often be used for much of the year, except when there’s heavy snow and bitter cold.

Myth: Your Utility Bills Will Soar

We aren’t sure why some homeowners think this. But the reality is that using an outdoor kitchen usually reduces your utility bills.

You’ll be cooking on the grill a lot, so there’s less electricity use. Some outdoor kitchen lovers discover their electric and water bills either don’t change or even drop.

Myth: Building An Outdoor Kitchen With Wood Is Ok

It isn’t a good idea to build your outdoor kitchen island with any type of wood. After all, you will be using a grill in your kitchen, so combustible materials are out.

Instead, choose something that is non-combustible, such as brick, stone, or metal.

If you really want wood for the island, the best choice is to put an insulated jacket around it so there are no fires. Also, never put the kitchen near vinyl siding or there could be a fire or other serious damage.

Myth: You Have To Be Rich To Have An Outdoor Kitchen

No! Outdoor kitchens can be created for most budgets. How much you spend on your kitchen on the patio is up to you!

You can spend $2,000 on a very nice grill. Or, you can spend $10,000 on the best grill on the market.

Choose a lower-priced slate floor or a more expensive marble one. Budget a bit more for hot and cold running water, or stick with cold only.

Remember: You don’t need to spend $50,000 on your outdoor kitchen to love and use it often.

Now that you know more about the most common outdoor kitchen myths, we hope you’re more likely to consider making the plunge.

Thousands of Americans install an outdoor kitchen every year, and many discover it’s one of the best additions to their home. You’re adding more usable space to your home and you get to spend more time outside, grill more, and eat great food. What’s not to love?

Content provided by Media Monthly.