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Five Common Workplace Mistakes That Can Jeopardize Your Safety

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It is estimated that every year a few thousand people get involved in workplace accidents resulting in several degrees of injury, short to long term or permanent disability and even death. Fortunately, most workplace injuries are not fatal or debilitating and are preventable. Hughes and Coleman Personal Injury lawyers Lexington, KY say that in case of workplace accidents a larger number of personal injury damages are immensely reduced or even denied owing to carelessness or disregard on side of the plaintiff. Avoid these common mistakes for your own safety.

Not Taking Safety Training Seriously

Possibly the root of most accidents lies in people not taking their safety training sessions seriously. Any job that has even the tiniest possibility of occupational hazard are required to teach their employees about the safe ways to do their job without getting hurt. Simply knowing to do your job is not enough, doing it properly without endangering yourself as well as those around you is essential.

Being Casual with Safety Gear

The only reason why safety gear has been implemented at your work is to protect you from the risks of accidents and injuries that you may sustain at work. Wear, attach or fasten them in place and make sure your gear such as goggles, shields, masks, gloves, boots, harnesses, etc., are safe and up to the mark before you start your work, every single time. If any bit of your gear is worn or damaged get them replaced immediately.

Improper Handling of Equipment

If you are in a field where you work with heavy machinery, power tools or equipment it is crucial that you handle these as per the safety guidelines issued by your work. Do not substitute your tools unless they are approved and suggested as equipment made for one job can be a hazard for another. It is also important to check your equipment for damage, wear and tear or any other issue as a malfunctioning machine is a risk to everyone.

Working Under Influence

You must be sober, stable and in a clear state of mind when you are headed off to work. Working under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant can be potentially fatal, particularly if you are handling any form of machinery or tools. Even if you are under medication that makes you drowsy or unable to function at your clearest ability, it is extremely risky to work in that state. At times troubled emotional states can also be distracting.

Negligence in Reporting Safety Concerns

It is your employer’s duty to ensure that the workplace is up to the standards with safety regulations. However, if you see any beach of regulation or maintenance issue that can pose a threat to anyone, it is essential that you report it to your superior. It is preferable to do it in writing, thus there is a record of your report and their neglect. In case you are ever injured and entangled in a subsequent legal battle, your work cannot get away by claiming ignorance.

Workplace safety is indispensable. A small negligence or mistake in following regulations puts not only you in danger, but also poses a threat to the lives of everyone else who works with you or are present around.

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