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6 Cool Professions That Pay More Than You Can Imagine

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If you find a job that you genuinely love, it will never feel like work. Contrary to popular belief, there is a high demand in several unique and niche specialized fields, and if you are good at your work, you are likely to be paid more than generously. One of the best parts about such jobs is that an expert is hard to be replaced and hence, there are lower risks than many conventional professions. Look at some cool professions that you can choose.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Everyday thousands of people get injured at work, on the road, in hotels, restaurants, private properties and more. The job of a personal injury lawyer is to inspect such cases and help the injured person get a suitable compensation for their distress. While the average pays in this field ranges around 70-80K per year some of the top attorneys such as New York City Personal Injury Lawyers Hill and Moin make way more.

Lighting designer

Lighting is an important part of the entertainment industry and if you have a knack for it, you can find yourself working for parties, plays, concerts, shows, and even movies. Most lighting designers start with the experience of designing for their school plays and move on to work events. With a little job experience you can easily earn around 65K annually.

Braille Proofreader

Owing to the groundbreaking invention of the Braille, it is possible for the visually impaired people to enjoy the written word. However, like every written form of words often manuscripts in Braille has misprints and errors too and it is the work of a Braille proofreader to go through it and work out all the errors before the book goes into print. The average yearly remuneration for this job ranges around 40K.

Private Investigator

If you have dreamt of becoming a detective like Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew and solving mysteries, the job of a private investigator is perfect for you and it pays rather handsomely. While the average pay is usually around 50K per year, top investigators get paid up to 100K or even more, depending on the case and client. You are mostly going to work for individuals and organizations gather information, doing background checks and surveillance, however, the chances of dealing with murder cases are slim, but not zero.

Cruise ship entertainer

The best part of working in a cruise ship is that you get to go places, fun exotic vacation destinations that most people only dream of and you live in a fancy liner. The pay varies depending on the kind of performance you do, length of your stint, occasions, and many other factors but it is a lucrative job with tons of travel opportunities.

Lego master builder

If you like playing with your Lego sets and building cool structures out of them, how about a job where you get to work with Legos all time? Professional Lego builders are paid $37,500 per year building fun Lego art structures at the Legoland parks, you can easily make thousands doing privately commissioned jobs, working at conventions, stores, events, and other projects.

When it comes to choosing your career, it is time to think out of the box!

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