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Is It Time to Start Using a Higher Dose of CBD?

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As you start using and adjusting to CBD, you’ll be able to home in on the right dose. How do you know if you need to increase your dose?

Because CBD comes at so many different doses, you might not completely understand the dosing process. Many people have a hard time with dosing, especially the first time, so there’s nothing to worry about. It’s a very individual process, and there’s no exact right or wrong way to do it. But if you’re wondering whether you should move up to a higher dose of CBD, there are a few things you should consider.

How Does CBD Dosing Work?

CBD dosing isn’t an exact science; it varies from person to person. That means that the dose that works best for one of your friends might not work for you. You want to make sure that your CBD oil tincture helps as much as it can, which means that getting exactly the right dose can actually be a very important part of dosing.

A great way to start if you’ve never tried CBD before is through a process called micro dosing. With this process, you start with just one drop. After a day or two, you do two drops. Continue adding just a drop every few days until you start to feel the effects of the CBD. That’s probably your best dose.

How Do I Know If My Current Dose Is Working?

Of course, before you move to a different dose, you’ll probably want to check and see whether your current dose is working properly. If you’re using a CBD isolate, you may fall under what’s referred to as the “bell-curve effect,” which describes the fact that CBD often works best up to a certain point, and then loses efficacy.

The best way to tell whether your current CBD dose is working is to pay attention to the way that you feel now versus the way you felt before you started using CBD. One of the most prominent benefits of CBD is that it can support a sense of calm and focus, so pay attention to whether you’re more able to focus and stay calm in different situations.

Can I Use a Higher Dose of My Current CBD Strength?

If you don’t want to buy an entirely new bottle of CBD, you can definitely take more of your current CBD strength. CBD strengths are measured as mg/ml, which stands for milligrams per milliliter. That means if you take two milliliters of Charlotte’s Web 7mg/ml formula, you’ll receive slightly less CBD than one milliliter of the 17mg/ml formula.

Of course, this does mean that you’ll run out of your current bottle of CBD oil tincture more quickly. You don’t have to double or triple your dose — just add a little bit more CBD oil every few days and see whether you feel the effects of the CBD more strongly.

When Should I Move to a Higher Strength of CBD?

There aren’t any completely definitive answers when it comes to moving up a strength. The difference between strengths can sometimes be pretty drastic, so you don’t want to move too quickly. At the same time, it’s a good idea to change strengths if your needs have substantially changed.

A good way to move strengths is to change to a dose that has around the same amount of CBD, even if it’s a different amount of CBD oil tincture. For example, if you currently take one milliliter of CBD at 17mg/ml, you can move up to 50mg/ml with one-third of a milliliter. That way, you won’t change your dose very much, making it easier for your body to adjust.


Although you might not be able to get a scientific answer for your dosing questions, you can definitely learn more about CBD and make an educated guess. That’s easily the best way to find the right dose. And of course, no matter what dose you’re planning to use, it’s important that you get high-quality CBD. When you want to buy your CBD oil tincture, regardless of the strength you’re interested in, check out Charlotte’s Web to get a great product every time.

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