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Factors That Can Affect Personal Injury Compensation

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How much money is your pain, trauma or disability worth is surely not a palatable drawing room conversation, but unfortunately this is the biggest question when it comes to a personal injury claim. Although it is not possible to predict an exact sum of money, a competent personal injury attorney will be able to give an estimate in the ballpark of what you can expect, by assessing the situation. Estimating this amount helps determine the right course of action. According to the top Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers, here are a few crucial factors that affect the value of a personal injury settlement.

Extent of Injuries

The most important factor determining the damages in any personal injury claim is the severity and extent of injuries that have been sustained by the plaintiff. Minor soft tissue injuries recover quickly with minimal medical care are not eligible for much compensation. However, major injuries such as broken bones, damage to the joints, organs, spinal cord or nerves, injuries that require surgery, reconstruction, expensive medical treatment, long term recovery time or severance of a limb or a part of the body are eligible for high amount of damages.

Disruption to Plaintiff

A major factor which is taken into consideration when deciding an amount for a personal injury compensation is the amount of disruption the incident has caused to the everyday life and livelihood of the person. If you have been severely injured, with a prospect of temporary or permanent disability, which makes it difficult or impossible to carry on with your regular activities, ability to work and live a normal life, your claim will be settled at a higher amount. In case of defamation, you would need to prove quantifiable disruption to your property, business, professional or personal life.

Fault of The Parties

One crucial factor that has a huge impact on amount of compensation that you are eligible for is who is at fault in this situation. If you believe or know that you are at least partially at fault in the incident, and that can be proved by the defendant in court, it is essential that you inform every single detail of it to your attorney, who will, then assess the liabilities of both parties to give you an estimate of the damages and frame the case accordingly. Hiding any potential fault on your part can severely impact the damages or even turn the entire case against you.

Safety Regulation Breach

If the injury that you have sustained can be attributed to a breach of safety regulations as mandated by laws of the state or country and this can be proven in a court of law, the guilty party will be liable to pay you a large sum of compensation. If there are any prior cases or complaints against them on the same or similar grounds, digging up those will be of immense help in establishing your case. Moreover, it is also likely they would be instructed to make the necessary amends immediately so that no one else gets hurt.

Before proceeding to file a claim, it is a good idea to talk to a personal injury attorney, who can assess these different factors and facets of the incident to give you an idea of what to expect.

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