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A Few Emergency Numbers You Should Always Have at Hand

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Life is an unpredictable journey and while it is mostly a good ride, an emergency can happen any time at the blink of an eye, say the eminent Philadelphia personal injury lawyers Munley Law. This is why we always need to go through life, living our best but prepared for the worst, so that you are never left stumped in case something goes wrong. It is a good idea to keep a few emergency numbers hand so that if you are ever in any kind of trouble, help is only a touch of your cellphone away.

Emergency Services

If there is one number that can get you help in any kind of emergency, from immediate medical care to police to fire to any other life-threatening situation, it is the emergency services. One call can help dispatch the necessary sort of help your way as fast as possible. This number depends on the country you are currently living or are traveling in. Even if you are on a short international trip, keep the emergency number at hand always.

Local Hospital and Family Doctor

In case of a medical situation where you do not need emergency services to come to rescue, you can directly contact your local hospital or doctor to you an ambulance or simply inform them of your situation in advance so that you can get relevant help immediately. Your regular family doctor can also be contacted to provide your medical history, drug allergies and at times even for immediate medical attention.

Poison Control

In our everyday lives we use several things such as household cleaning products, common plants, cosmetics etc., which when consumed can be poisonous. Even common oral medication in the wrong dose can be lethal. Keep the number of the poison control at hand so that you can call them immediately if you or someone in your family, neighbor or guest has consumed something that might be harmful.

Vet and Animal Poison Control

Our beloved pets are our family but sometimes they can get into things they should not have and end up ingesting or getting exposed to items that are poisonous. Call the Animal Poison Control in such emergencies as they will be able to guide you with the right solutions on dealing with situation, or offer common antidotes depending on the kind and amount of poison consumed. Moreover, emergency vets as well as your regular vet should also be at hand for any medical emergency that your pet goes though.

Tow Truck

Your car can break down anywhere, and if it happens in the middle of nowhere with no mechanics or garage in sight, you might need to call in a tow truck to help you reach a garage safely and get your car looked at. Always keep the number of AAA or any other similar service on your phone, as you might not often get great internet on the road to search for numbers.

Being prepared for anything in life helps you stay one step ahead if you every get into an unsavory situation. With these numbers in an easily accessible place or stored on your phone you can get help immediately in case of any kind of emergency.

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