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Total Transformation Masterclass Review - K9 Training Course


This Total Transformation Masterclass review covers everything you need to know before signing up with the K9 Training Institute. If you are looking to train your dog to become as calm and obedient as a service dog, then you came to the right place.

Training your dog is one of the most complex parts of having one, and even if you make it learn some tricks, you still need to spend a lot of time on it. Would your life be easier if your dog obeyed you right away? This happens to many pet parents.

Hence, they start looking for training programs that help them train their dogs in the best way possible. The problem with that is many of those training programs are similar and aren’t as useful as they claim to be.

Even if the training program they chose helps them train their dog, many of them have some downsides due to the methods they use, so they end up not being that good for your little friends. Fortunately, training programs such as the K9 Total Transformation Masterclass bring you a unique training program that addresses the issues all the other programs have.

This company also offers a free dog training workshop for people working on a budget who can’t afford to pay for the Total Transformation Masterclass.  

Do you want to know what makes the K9 Total Transformation Masterclass that good? Is it worth the purchase? You can find the answers to those questions on this website, so keep reading to learn more about this training program!  

Key Take Aways - Summed Up in 30 seconds

After taking the Total Transformation Course, the K9 Training Institutes promises to transform your dog so they will:


Training Your Dog to be as Obedient as a Service Dogs - Free Training Work Shop (Limited Availability)

 About the K9 Training Course PSU

You should learn some things about the K9 Training Institute (K9TI) before going all in with the Total Transformation Masterclass. The reason for this is learning what this institution aims to do may help you understand the programs they develop and why they are that way.

Don’t ever think this training institute has only been working for a short time since its founder has been working for at least 20 years. Through that time, she’s also worked for two famous dog training companies in the country. The founder of K9TI, Dr. Alexa Diaz, also worked to train dogs with mental and physical disabilities.

Thanks to that, you can trust this woman’s company to be filled with experience and care for pets. Apart from that, K9TI offers plans for people working on different budgets, so you can also access this service whether you go for the training workshop or masterclass.

What Is the Total Transformation Masterclass?

The Total Transformation Masterclass is a dog training program that aims to help pet parents train their dogs to make them as obedient as service dogs. This training program comes from the K9TI, and it’s an online program, so you don’t have to worry about taking your dog to another place or stopping to see it.

One of the best things about the Total Transformation Masterclass is that it’s not as long as other training programs since it’s only ten weeks. Can your dog become as obedient as a service dog in only 10 weeks’ time? The short answer is that it can do it with the help of the transformation masterclass.

Although the Total Transformation Masterclass is one of the most expensive training programs you can find on the market, it’s worth it to see your dog become way more obedient than it was 10 weeks before after it goes through the training program.

Many review websites recommend people use this master class from the K9 Training Institute, and the progress dogs can make thanks to the institute’s workshop shows you this company cares about improving their methods and how they can help dogs feel better while behaving.

Apart from that, this training program reveals the secrets and tricks the service dog industry uses to train their dogs to regular pet parents.

How Does the K9 Training Course Work?


Now that you see all the benefits this training course offers you, you may wonder what makes it that good. Well, the truth is we can’t tell you what the program tells you to do to help your dog since you would have to buy it to get that information, but we can still tell you the things that work with and around that method.

Firstly, you have to understand the goals of this training program and what you can expect your dog to do after it finishes it.

This program, for example, focuses on making your dog obedient, calm, and an animal that can control its impulses if it goes against what it is trained to do. Therefore, you can expect your dog to maintain eye contact with you at all times, remain seated while outdoors, and stay calm in its bed when it’s bedtime.

You may think it’s impossible now, but dogs that finish this 10-week program always listen to their pet parents, behave in public, focus on walks, ignore distractions, and stop behavioral problems.

When you enroll for this masterclass, you receive an online class once a week for 10 weeks. Apart from that, you also get training videos to help you understand what to do and step-by-step plans and tasks for you and your dog to follow for the next seven days. Do you have any questions about the program? You can call a personal coach to get an answer.

Pet parents don’t have to wait to receive their first class, so you can start training your dog the second you enroll in this program. The first class is to help everyone understand how the Total Transformation Masterclass works and how it will help your fluffy friend become more obedient.

Remember we told you this is an online masterclass? You still don’t have to worry about classes expiring, so you can go back to past videos anytime you feel like it. This becomes highly useful when you forget something about the first classes or if you want to recheck something.

Thanks to this, you can go through your dog’s training sessions at all times, which allows you to plan your schedule to your taste. People who enroll in this program can see the classes from their PCs, smartphones, or tablets.

K9TI also gives you transcripts of the classes in case you ever need to look something up before rewatching the class or going to a specific part of the video. This makes it easier to take notes of what you learn since you can recheck things you are not that sure of.

Many think they need to spend all day training their dog for it to become more obedient since 10 to 15 minutes of daily training are more than enough for following this training program. You’ll start seeing the results of buying this program after at least two weeks of training.

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Is the Total Transformation Masterclass Fit for Any Dog?

The short answer is yes, so don’t worry about your dog not being able to benefit from this masterclass. Things such as dog size, behavioral problems, or breed are not relevant to how the program works, and all the techniques used by K9IT come from scientific research.

Making this program work for all dog breeds is outstanding since not all training programs are fit for all dog breeds. That’s not the case with this training program, so you don’t have to worry about that, even if you have a dog not suited to be a service dog.

Age is also not relevant to how much the Total Transformation Masterclass can help you since puppies and adult dogs can follow everything the training program tells you to do. You don’t believe us? Eight weeks old puppies and 13 years old dogs have finished this training program with no problem.

Instead of asking themselves if their dogs can go through the Total Transformation Class, pet parents need to think if they are fit for what the program requires them to do. K9TI requires pet parents to spend 10 to 15 minutes training their dogs daily, so they shouldn’t enroll in this program if they don’t have the time for that.

Aside from that, pet parents who want their dogs to become certified service dogs won’t find what they are looking for in this online dog training program since it’s not made to give you any certification, and it’s not its purpose, either.

You also don’t need to worry about traveling to any country or city to receive these classes since you can go through them without needing to take a step out of your house. This program is also available for non-American people, and that’s one of the reasons it’s become popular worldwide.

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Benefits of Using the K9 Method


Going for the K9 method brings benefits not many other programs offer you, so you should take advantage of it if you can afford it. We understand it’s challenging to invest that much money in something you are only going to use for 10 months, but the benefits of using the K9 method last for long.

The first benefit of using this method is that it does its best to become different from others on the market, so you won’t see the tricks used in these classes in any other training program. Most programs follow a sit-stand method, but this one goes way beyond that and tries something new.

Anyone in need to talk to someone can do it by calling this customer’s support team since its workers are available for you all day and night. This is one of this program’s best features because it allows you to ask a professional dog trainer any question you have about what to do about your dog or how to solve specific situations.

Yes, the ones on the other side of the call when you call the support team are professional coaches, so you can trust them to only tell you information that will be beneficial for your dog’s training process. However, you can always get your money back if you have any problem with the classes. How is this possible? Thanks to the company's money-back policy.  

You don’t need a reason to get your money back since K9 offers an unconditional refund policy, which means you can get a refund for any reason if you feel like it. Nonetheless, this only applies for the first 90 days from your purchase. Clients can’t get any money back if they claim after 90 days.  

Many use this refund policy to try the Total Transformation Masterclass for a few months and then see if it works for them or if it’s not for them. Reviewers even agree on how good this training program is, and it’s difficult to find any bad things about it other than its price, which is reasonable considering all the things this program offers.

On top of all, you get three bonus CDs when you buy the masterclass, and those CDs can help you get even more benefits from the classes you take with your dog. The first of these CDs is the “How to Housetrain Your Dog” guide, which is individually worth $69.70.

Getting to the second bonus CD, you have the “Cure Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety” class. This class is worth the same as the first one and third bonus CD, and it’s priceless how much it can make your little friend feel better since it makes them suffer less when you are not at home.

Following up, there is the “How to Get Kids to Interact with Your Dog.” You may only use this class if you have a child at home or a young relative who visits you too much.

Final Thoughts

If you ask us if we recommend you buy the K9 Total Transformation Masterclass, we would say yes without hesitating. This training program is one of the best ones you can find out there, so you shouldn’t be scared to speed some money on it. However, you can always access the same company’s free workshop if you don’t have funds for the masterclass.

Remember you can get your money back if you don’t like how this program works, so don’t worry about that, and try it to see how it changes your dog’s life!

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This post is provided by a third party who may receive compensation from the companies whose products or services are mentioned.