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SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence Review - Is This the Right Product for You?

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Many companies sell dog products, but the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is likely the best-selling in the world. The brand believes that dogs are happier when they're running free and can follow their noses. Dog owners want their pets to be safe and joyful.

SpotOn was created as the first GPS dog fence in the world. This lets your pet explore. The brand has been featured in the Forbes Small Business Standouts section, is a CES Innovation Award nominee for 2020, and is an SXSW Innovation Award finalist from 2020.

It's clear that the creators are dog lovers like me and combined their technical skills to create the Spot-On dog collar. It has experience making night vision goggles that the US military uses, so the company knows how to make the best products.

The SpotOn Collar promises to keep a fence around the property and offer safety to the pets wearing it. It's a crucial component for the SpotOn system and features a patented antenna that ensures a strong link between a global satellite network and the SpotOn Collar.

Overall, the SpotOn Virtual wireless dog fence is unique because the collar is paired with a phone app. You don't require an underground fence and can quickly create virtual fences as needed.

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Overview of the SpotOn Virtual Fence

SpotOn lets you create up to 10 virtual fences of any size or shape, saving the customized perimeters on the phone. Since it's a portable system, it works well when you travel to the same areas with your pet. I personally like that idea because I take my dog to my parents' house all the time.

When you purchase the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence dog collar, that's just what you get. There are three sizes, and you've got to choose your phone carrier because each SpotOn Collar features a SIM card that works with specific ones.

While it's more expensive than others, such as the Halo Collar, it offers better features. Let's see how well the SpotOn Virtual Fence does at keeping your dog safe! You can check the current price here.

Pros and Cons


  • Extreme accuracy because it's connected to a three-satellite navigation system to locate dogs wherever they are (self-contained system)
  • Easy to install
  • Adaptable
  • Comfortable for your dogs to wear
  • Long battery life


  • Requires cell coverage (could have trouble finding the dogs if there's no cell services or spotty coverage)
  • Expensive compared to others

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Fence

Dog lovers everywhere know how important it is to keep their furry friends safe. The SpotOn Virtual Fence does so beautifully, allowing your pet to get off the beaten path. If you're a dog owner worried about a lost dog, you need this product.

Overall, the SpotOn Virtual Fence and collar is for anyone who owns a dog or puppy and spends time outdoors. You may not think it's very important, but I can tell you it comes in handy. I've prevented many lost-dog scenarios with the SpotOn dog collar, which could have been detrimental.

However, the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence might not be ideal if you live in an area with little cell coverage. Here are a few things to consider before you get an invisible fence like this:

  • Purchase a Wireless Dog Fence Collar with Various Correction Levels - Some fence collars only have one correction level, which is ineffective for many dogs.
  • Static Correction - Many dog fence collars utilize citronella or audible tones for correction. They might keep them away from the pool or garden, but you need something more. The SpotOn Collar emits a painless static shock to prevent your dog from getting away.

Features and Benefits

It's important to understand the benefits and features of the SpotOn Collar. Before we talk about it, you should learn about how it works.

How It Works

The SpotOn Collar is paired with a smartphone app, so you don't need underground wires and can quickly create your virtual fence options. I was blown away once I learned that!

With the SpotOn system, you create different fences of various shapes and sizes, saving them on your phone. It's portable, so you can use them to travel in all areas without an issue. I personally like that idea and find that it's one of the best tools to keep most dogs in a safe place. There are no physical barriers, and you're not installing software or programs.

Most dogs enjoy playing in the water, and that's no problem for the SpotOn dog collar. It was tested under thorough and extreme conditions to ensure durability and performance, earning an IP67 waterproof status.

Just note that there is a significant up-front investment required and a monthly subscription. However, it's relatively low-cost compared to others. I feel that I got my money's worth!

Virtual Fence

Our virtual fence review couldn't be complete without talking about the virtual feature. I really like how easily customizable it is. You can create 1,000 fence posts and set up virtual fences of all shapes and sizes.

Just walk around the yard where you want the fence to activate it. If you wish for the dog to stay in your sight and be in the front yard or backyard, walk through areas and ensure that the SpotOn Collar is working and turned on. When you've taken a lap around your perimeter, it is automatically programmed in the collar.

Whenever it's on, there's an invisible barrier around the yard. If your puppy gets too close to the area programmed, it offers a quick beep to discourage the dog from going beyond that boundary.

If that doesn't do anything, the collar emits a painless static shock that hopefully deters the dog. Don't worry because that's an additional feature. It's there for some extra training.

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Training Process (for Dog Owners and Pets)

It generally works best if you can train the dogs on the noises the SpotOn Collar emits. To do that, give them treats and tell them to turn around or stop when they hear the beep. You may want to use the collar in conjunction with a leash at the beginning.

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GPS Tracking for All Terrain Types

This fence review has to talk about GPS tracking. Most people use the SpotOn Collar primarily for the yard and similar areas in the neighborhood. However, if you like exploring, you can do that, too.

One of the features to enjoy is the three-point satellite navigating system. It helps you track your dog just about anywhere. Just make sure that you walk the area perimeter, and then turn the collar on. That's how I did it, and the location function works whenever you've got cellular service.

True Portability

The SpotOn Collar also has an excellent feature called True Portability. Therefore, you can use it wherever you are, even if you're not home. Traveling is much easier now because you don't need a leash.

I found that exceptionally helpful when I took my dog camping. After setting up the perimeter, I put the collar on my furry friend, and he never went too far while exploring. These fences really work!

Activity Tracking

This product also provides activity tracking, but you've got to activate it first. You can track your dog to within ten feet with this collar.

If you want to know exactly where your dog is at all times, let them wear the SpotOn Collar even when the fence feature isn't attached. It does the job for you so that you're not worried about losing them while they case a squirrel.

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You're sure to appreciate the battery of the SpotOn Collar. The first thing to do is give it a twenty-four-hour charge when you buy it. That way, you don't have to worry about it not working when you need it.

I can say in this fence review that you can let your guard down so that your dog can wander and play in the backyard or anywhere else without dealing with a dead battery. Just charge up the collar when you get home and don't need it!

Easy to Install

One of the best features of this collar is the installation process. The whole system is contained within the collar and the smartphone app. You don't have to dig anything up, install wires, or anything else. Dog owners are sure to appreciate that!

Simple Concept

Underground wires are old-school, and they don't work very well. Your goal is to keep your dog safe, and the SpotOn Dog Collar offers a simple concept to help you do that.

Another great feature of this collar is the GPS technology. Set up your own fence, focus on what safety means for you, and ditch the leash once and for all! These fences do it all, and let your dog play!

Comfortable Collar

Another great feature I like is the quality of the collar. If your dog refuses to wear it, there's no use in utilizing it. These fences have a lightweight collar designed with the dog in mind. Therefore, they don't notice it, the system work, and they can romp around in the backyard without fail.

Pet owners everywhere enjoy that, and I'm one of them. My dogs don't go around the house barking or nipping at the product. They absolutely could, and it wouldn't affect the durability, but that's not the point!

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No Wires

Since there are no extra wires to contend with, this SpotOn fence is ideal for those who don't wish to dig up the yard or can't do so. This feature helps you feel secure in the quality of the collar and ensures that you don't worry.

Owners don't have to deal with various physical parts that their dog might try to eat. Just map out the property, and those areas are fenced in and ready for fun.

Made for the Active Dog

Another great feature of these fences is that they're made with dogs in mind. They fit well and are waterproof, so your furry friend can swim in the pool or play in the backyard easily.

SpotOn is known for its quality and focuses on your dog's safety. There are no blind spots with the SpotOn Fence, allowing you to monitor everything the pet does. In fact, there's no other collar like this on the market!

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Customizable Perimeters

Possibly the most impressive feature of the SpotOn collar is that you can customize many fences. Choose different and customized perimeters for different dogs or situations.

Each perimeter is like a new fence. That was very helpful for me because I had two dogs in the house. One loved to swim, and the other was afraid of the water. They could both do what they wanted without me losing them. It gave me peace of mind!

Includes a Warranty

You definitely get your money's worth with the SpotOn collar. It includes a warranty, which is a nice feature to have. Take 45 days to determine if it's right for your dog. Then, you get a year to send back the product if something goes wrong. I like that the creators stand behind their items; it made me more comfortable visiting the website for my dog.

Static Shock (Optional Feature)

The static shock is optional, and some people find it necessary. SpotOn included it for more effective training so that your dog listens to the beeps and stops moving when they're close to the boundary you set. You just can't get quality like this anywhere else on the market.

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iPhone App

This fence solution features an iPhone app that is your best friend (it was mine!). When your dog accidentally escapes the boundary, or you've lost them somewhere you haven't yet fenced, the app helps.

You get a free trial and then pay a small fee to track your dog when they run away. It works for T-Mobile and AT&T users, and there's an app for Android, too!

Completely Self-Contained

A dog likes to roam around the house, and there's no issue with this product. I like that it's a self-contained collar, so everything's inside. I didn't have to install software or anything else! If SpotOn seems like the best fit for your dog be sure to visit their official site.

Social Proof and Real Customer Reviews

I've scoured the internet to find SpotOn Virtual Fence reviews that seemed fairly positive about the SpotOn Wireless Dog Fence. These dog owners claim that the virtual smart fence works as it should. It's helpful to hear what others have to say about a product before you buy it, and some even compare this to other invisible fences. Take a look at some Spot-On Dog Collar reviews for yourself!

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I know that everyone could benefit from the SpotOn Virtual Fence like I do, but I realize that people want options. You may want to consider one of the alternatives below if you find that the SpotOn System doesn't work for you.

Halo 2 Collar

10 spoton-virtual-smart-fence-review.jpg

The Halo Collar by Cesar Millan tries to be more than a fence. It's got the same tracking and fencing options as the SpotOn Collar, but the app lets you track the dog and its activity. Overall, it's a whole-dog monitoring service.

On the other hand, the SpotOn Virtual Fence collar is straightforward. You walk out the fencing options you want and rely on that to ensure your dog stays within the boundary you set.

The device uses GPS signals to track where the dog is and offers redirection methods to keep them inside the virtual fence area.

If you want to keep your dog safe, the SpotOn Collar works well. Choose the Halo Collar if you want something that tracks the pet's activity and location.


  • Tracks activity
  • Requires a subscription plan
  • Voice-activity tracking available

Please check out the Halo Collar to see if it's right for you!

Fi Smart Fence

The Fi Smart Fence is also similar to the SpotOn Collar. It includes geo-fencing, lets you see the dog's activity level and history, and offers real-time location assistance.

Overall, the GPS tracking is accurate, and many people like that they can track activity information for their dogs. It's different than the SpotOn Virtual Fence because it connects with other dogs using invisible fences.


  • Activity tracking
  • Geo-fencing options
  • Check history
  • Connects with other Fi Smart Fence users

Are you ready to see how a virtual fence can change your life? If so, consider checking out the Fi Smart Fence and determine if it's right for you.

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

The Tractive brand offers a lightweight and small smart collar that works for all sizes and breeds. It includes a rechargeable battery that lasts up to five days, depending on how many times you use it. However, it's white, which can be a little off-putting to some dogs.

It offers live-location tracking that updates every two or three seconds. You can also see location history and activities from the dedicated app. The options you get are based on the subscription plan you choose.


  • Dedicated app
  • Location history
  • Can live-track your dog and location

You can visit the Tractive website to learn more about its GPS tracker for dogs.


Overall, the Spot-On Virtual Fence is crucial for dog owners. It lets you map out an area for your dogs to roam free without having to build a fence. Generally, a fenced-in area only works when you're at home. With the wireless dog fence, you can enjoy the outdoors in new ways.

The SpotOn Virtual Fence is ideal for solving your problems. The longer battery life means you don't have to charge it as often, and you know it works when you need it. Plus, the SpotOn Fence allows you to customize perimeters that work on GPS when you don't have cell coverage.

I've found that the SpotOn Virtual Fence is something I can't live without. It's designed for real dogs, and every dog owner requires it. Since the brand is known for making US-military grade night vision goggles, you can bet it's great at virtual fences for dogs.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence review. Please click here to check out the product for yourself!


This post is provided by a third party who may receive compensation from the companies whose products or services are mentioned.