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The Best Online Dog Training Courses | Six Great For Any Pet Problem

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Is your dog barking excessively or driving you crazy with its constant whining? Have you noticed aggression toward guests? It may be time for dog training.

Whether you have an older dog or a new puppy, dog training is essential to building a lasting relationship with your canine friend.

New dog owners know how tricky puppy training can be and how embarrassing it is when your pup is the only one having trouble following instructions at a dog training school.

This is why many dog owners prefer to train their dogs in the comfort of their own homes with the help of certified dog trainers.

Do a quick Google search for online dog training courses, and you'll quickly realize that there are a plethora of options at your disposal. To help you find some of the best-rated, tried-and-tested online classes to help you train your dog, we've compiled a list of our top picks.

Our best choice is the K9 institute because it will teach you to use body language to communicate effectively with your dog, allowing you to form a special bond.

Here are our top recommendations for online courses to help you find the perfect professional dog trainer.

Only have 30 seconds? K9 Training Institute is our Top Choice for Online Dog Training and they are currently offering a Free Workshop For Your Dog.

The Best Online Dog Training Courses That You Can Use When Training Dogs

We looked at hundreds of online courses to determine which forerunners offered the most practical application.

The truth is that we did not choose the training programs on this list based on price because we don't think cost should be the primary indicator of what kind of program is best for your dog.

In any event, we can affirm that the dog training programs below are all considerably less expensive than paying a private trainer to work with your dog, and in most circumstances, they can be more successful if used consistently.

Before making your choice, make a note of your dog's behavioral issues and what you hope to achieve with this online dog training program, and then compare this with what the training courses on this list have to offer.

Summary of Our Top Recommendations

Here are our top picks:

  1. K9 Institute - Best overall training course
  2. Dunbar Academy - Best online dog training course for professional dog trainers
  3. Online Dog Trainer - Best online classes for calming your dog
  4. Puppy Trained Right - Best puppy training course for anyone over the age of 12
  5. Train Pet Dog - Best dog training courses for new dog owners
  6. Brandon McMillan - Best short Masterclass training course for teaching commands

1. K9 Institute - Best Overall Online Dog Training Course

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A Quick Look at This Online Training Program

  • It was developed by a renowned behaviorist with years of professional dog training experience
  • This online dog training course makes dog training easy
  • It covers a broad range of behavioral issues
  • Teaches you to use body language to communicate with your dog
  • Uses gentle techniques

When it comes to online dog training programs, the K9 Training Institute, also known as K9TI, is a relative newcomer. Still, it is stirring up controversy among conventional dog trainers who usually instruct dogs using verbal orders.

What this program does is teach you how to communicate with your dog with nonverbal cues. This is how service dogs and their human companions develop such an exceptional bond.

Many dog owners make the mistake of yelling at their dog when he or she does something wrong.

The problem with this is that your dog doesn't understand what you're saying. Fortunately, you can use the basic instinct of touch to train your dog effectively without resorting to punishments, shock collars, and the like. You can check out our full K9 Training Institute review here.

Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!

2. Dunbar Academy - Best Online Dog Training Course for Professional Dog Trainers

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A Quick Look at This Training Class

  • Popular among experienced dog trainers, veterinarians, and breeders
  • Helps with potty training and a range of other behavioral issues
  • Uses positive reinforcement training
  • Created by a certified dog trainer and teaches you to think from your dog's perspective
  • Webinars, social media support groups, and Q&A sessions for best results

Thousands of owners worldwide have enjoyed the benefits of Dr. Dunbar's many years of experience in the dog training business through his popular online training course. If you're planning to open a dog training school, you can learn a thing or two from Dunbar Academy.

The dog training classes are built on rewarding canines for doing the correct thing through positive reinforcement. They never advocate using coercion or discipline to reprimand your dog, making it an excellent choice for dog owners looking for an effective but gentle approach to dog training.

There are a number of courses that you can choose from for a reasonable membership fee, so whether you need to prevent aggression, teach your child how to interact with your dog, or train your furry friend to "go" in a designated place, you'll find a course at Dunbar Academy.

3. Online Dog Trainer - Best Online Classes for Calming your Dog

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Quick Look at This Dog Training Course

  • It offers lots of video content to help you deal with several dog training challenges
  • Teaches you to use Dog Calming Mode to help your dog relax
  • Access to a community where you can find support and ask questions

The Online Dog Trainer, often known as Doggy Dan, is the master when it comes to the finest dog obedience training programs available online. His "Five Golden Rules" assist you in becoming the alpha dog so your canine friend will obey you. It costs a mere $1 to try out his program, making it exceptional value for money!

The "Calming Code" foundational lessons will teach you how to build trust and establish dominance with your dog. Additional courses, such as Puppy Training, Dan's Dog Training 101, Everyday Tools & Techniques, and All Dog Problems Solved, can be taken once you've completed this course.

In addition, he has a well-known segment called "Project Moses," which documents Dan's success in raising his puppy from eight weeks to eight months old. You can use this as you train your dog to obey your commands and establish a relationship of trust.

4. Puppy Trained Right - Best Puppy Training Course for Anyone Over the Age of 12

A Quick Look at Puppy Trained Right

  • The program is designed especially for puppies
  • It is suitable for anyone over the age of 12
  • This course has shown high levels of success, which is why it is recommended by breeders
  • Allows dog owners to work at their own pace and according to their own schedule

The basis for the remainder of your dog's training is laid by the skills it picks up as a puppy. Puppy Trained Right's training platform includes all the knowledge you'll need to provide your puppy with a great foundation.

Following your subscription, you'll receive a set of puppy training lessons to view in order at your leisure.

These videos cover different aspects of dog obedience, such as learning fetch, impulse control, and loose leash walking. You will have access to over 30 published articles on toilet training, how to use dog crates, and many other crucial subjects in addition to the video curriculum.

All of the training materials on the website are accessible for one year with a Puppy Trained Right subscription, which costs roughly $299.

Since it uses positive reinforcement, and because of the format's use of videos, you can work on your puppy training according to your own schedule.

5. Train Pet Dog - Best Dog Training Courses for New Dog Owners

A Quick Look at This Dog Training Classes

  • Dog training courses for dogs of any age, from puppies to older dogs
  • It covers a range of topics, including house training, obedience training, dog grooming, and more
  • You can subscribe for free to receive access to the Train Pet Dog online dog training courses

If you've never owned a dog before, knowing what food to buy, how to groom the dog, and what you'll need to properly care for your dog may not come naturally.

In that case, you can take an online class to learn how to properly care for your canine friend and develop a healthy bond through proper nutrition and obedience training.

Train Pet Dog will teach you everything you need to know to train your dog. It offers courses on potty training, obedience training, housetraining, how to stop dog barking, and more, making it the perfect training program for new dog owners.

The courses have also been designed to be effective for dogs of any breed, size, or age, and signing up is free, which is an added bonus!

6. Brandon McMillan - Best Short Masterclass Training Course for Teaching Commands

A Quick Look at This Course

  • Masterclass by an award-winning dog trainer
  • A subscription-based program that is made up of 15 instructional videos to help you train dogs
  • Short run-time means that you can cover the fundamentals in time for the arrival of your new dog

Emmy Award-winning animal behaviorist and dog trainer Brandon McMillan conducts a masterclass that will have you training your dog and teaching him the fundamentals of obedience in no time.

The masterclass is an excellent starting point if you need to swiftly prepare for the arrival of a new puppy because it lasts for about three hours and is broken up into 15 video courses that you can view when it is most convenient for you.

He concentrates on practical instruction and demonstrates how to teach your dog respect, obedience, and how to behave in the home.

It is easy to return to earlier parts of the program to identify certain topics you'd like to go over again because it is exceptionally well structured and available as a subscription-based service.

How We Chose the Options on Our List of Recommendations

Now that we have narrowed your search down to six options, you may be wondering what criteria we considered when choosing the online courses on this list. We'll break down the different criteria we used in the section below.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

We combed through a large number of courses to identify those that provided the greatest variety and resources. Moreover, we looked for those with the best reviews and customer ratings to select the best online dog training programs.

After reviewing hundreds of reviews from actual dog and puppy owners, we chose programs like K9 Institute because of its stellar reputation amongst trainers.

While many of our selections are well-known on a national level, we also opted to highlight services like Train Pet Dog, which is a well-regarded and relatively new service provider.

Reputation and Customized Training

We took into account user feedback, cost, accessibility, and whether the provider offers a free trial or subscription. However, reputation and the capacity for personalized training were two essential elements that guided our decision over which services made the cut.


The truth is that for many dog owners, the cost is the main deciding factor. Many don't have the extra cash to dish out for expensive training courses, which is why we went for affordable options that offer the most value for money.

Keep in mind, though, that an online dog training class will likely be far more affordable than a session with a dog trainer. If you’re really on a budget consider the SpotOn Dog Collar or the Halo wireless fence to help train your pup.

Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!

Number and Types of Courses Offered

Another important factor that we considered was what types of courses were offered. This is because you may need to deal with a host of behavioral issues, and your online training program should include helpful resources to help you every step of the way.

Who Developed the Program

We also looked at the trainers behind these courses to see whether they were well-known and reputable in their areas of expertise.

Many animal behaviorists understand dogs on a much deeper level than the average dog owner and know how to communicate with them effectively through positive reinforcement and body language.


Most dog owners use online training courses because they do not have the time to attend structured classes at set times. Sometimes they prefer to save themselves the embarrassment and train their dogs at home.

This is why convenience and accessibility was such an important factor. You should be able to find exactly what you're looking for when you need to go back and revisit problem areas, which is why we included well-organized programs that let you work at your own pace.

Tips for Training Your Dog

To help you build up the courage to address your dog's behavioral issues, we've come up with a few helpful tips for teaching your dog obedience.

Training Shouldn't be a Grind for the Human or Dog, So Make It Fun!

If you find that your online dog course isn't very enjoyable or fulfilling for you and your dog, training may become a drag. To keep you both interested and enthusiastic, try including incentives like high-value sweets, toys, and lots of praise when your dog gets it right.

This won't just make it fun for your canine companion but will also get you riled up and ready to teach your dog some tricks!

Start with the Basics

Make sure your dog knows how to stay, sit, yield, and come to you when prompted before you attempt to teach him more challenging instructions or habits.

Teach the fundamentals first using the techniques described in your preferred training course to increase your chances of success and ensure that both you and your dog aren't feeling overwhelmed.

Be Patient

Dog training is a gradual process, not an overnight skill that you or your dog learn. Always remember that it may take some time before your dog begins to learn new skills.

Be patient with them because sometimes, when it appears as though they do not understand anything at all, your canine companion may just surprise you! If you have an older dog, you will need to be more patient as they learn something new.

Practice Makes Perfect, So Practice, Practice, Practice!

Consistency is the key to success, and this holds true for dog training. The more you practice what you have learned from the training course, the more likely your dog is to learn the new skill or trick. Keep at it, and don't give up if you want to see results!

Should I Use a Free Dog Training Course?

While you could use a free course to train your dog, it is essential to remember that not all dog training programs are the same, and many free courses have not been created by professional dog trainers, so you have no assurance that they will work.

Furthermore, when you invest in a paid course, you will learn a variety of training methods that you can use when teaching your dog obedience. It will also be easy to follow and refer back to if you need to relook at some of the lessons your dog may struggle with later.

Many online dog training courses offer free trials, so you can try one out to see whether it would be worth the investment.

Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!

What Are Some of the Benefits of Online Dog Training Classes?

Online training programs are ideal for dog owners with a busy lifestyle who find it difficult to commit to a weekly session with their dog, even though in-person training undoubtedly has its advantages.

These online training courses have been designed to give busy pet owners the chance to train their dogs at their leisure.

Here are some of the reasons to choose online dog training courses:

  • They're lots of fun
  • It's more affordable to use an online dog training program that to hire a professional dog trainer
  • These courses are also interactive and flexible, so you can go through the classes according to your own schedule
  • They cover a broad range of topics, so you can refer back to the material if you notice any other behavioral issues with your dog or puppy
  • You can access them quite easily, as long as you have a smart device and an internet connection

How Long Does It Take to Train a Dog?

Although the majority of online dog training courses take around six weeks to complete, you shouldn't assume that your dog will be fully trained after just one class.

Several dog trainers work with their customers over a long period and expect dog owners to continue teaching their dogs the fundamentals even after the courses are over.

By six months, according to the majority of experts, your dog should have a strong base of training to build upon and should be adequately bonded to you to obey your orders and exhibit an enthusiasm to learn. However, remember that every dog is different, so be adaptable with your training and overall goals. We would recommend to start with a free workshop to see how your dog performs.

Online Courses Versus One-on-one Sessions with a Dog Trainer

As we have already mentioned, online dog training classes allow you to learn at your own pace and concentrate on developing a strong bond with your dog in its natural habitat from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

One may also argue that a dog's owner is the perfect person to teach it, and online dog training classes provide you with the skills and resources needed to successfully train your dog on your own.

Additionally, hiring a private dog trainer can be costly, costing anything from $100+ for each lesson. Many dogs require several training sessions to master a new skill, so costs can quickly add up!

Our Final Thoughts About Online Dog Training Courses

The truth is that finding an online course, that's right for you and your dog can be a real challenge. There are so many options to choose from, and every one of them promises to help you train your dog!

Fortunately, you can use our list of recommendations to enroll in a training program that will help you produce results. What's more, if you use a course that offers a money-back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose!

You won't just be less hesitant to commit, but you'll feel more at ease knowing that these service providers have faith in the quality of their programs.

Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!

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This post is provided by a third party who may receive compensation from the companies whose products or services are mentioned.