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Lost Passport Replacement Service: How To Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport

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When someone is faced with a lost or stolen passport, they may panic. This is a normal reaction because you may need your passport to go home, but you might not know where to begin when it comes to getting a new one. However, it can take a lot of time to receive a new passport, which is why many people are beginning to look for new ways to get their passports.

What Should Do About a Lost or Stolen Passport

A lost or stolen passport can happen anywhere because life gets in the way. However, a few things need to happen when someone has their passport lost.

Look for It Thoroughly

This might seem silly, but the first thing that every person should do when it comes to a missing passport is to look for it carefully. You may be surprised and find it hiding in your bag in one of those sneaky pockets.

The last thing you want to do is contact a passport agency when you don't need to because trying to get a new passport will take up a lot of time.

Are you positive you lost your passport? Here is our recommended way to get a new one fast!


Report the Lost or Stolen Passport

When a passport is lost or stolen, you should always report it because the authorities need to know if someone else may have access to your old passport. Then, you will need to contact a passport agency because you will need to get a new passport.

However, many passport services may take their time when giving you your new passport. That is unless you find an expedited passport service that can help you get a new passport quickly, so you don't miss that flight! Except, there is more on this service later.

If you need to report a lost or stolen passport, then you can complete this in one of three ways:

  1. Go online and submit a form that will be sent to a stolen passport unit.
  2. Call a toll-free number to tell someone your passport has been lost or stolen verbally.
  3. Send a filled-in form by mail to the passport office, so they know your lost passport might be in the hands of someone else.

Additionally, you can contact the police and file a police report if your passport has been stolen. Some of the situations that may occur are:

  1. Your passport was stolen during a violent crime.
  2. If your passport and other identification documents were stolen.
  3. When a passport and other valuables have been stolen.

However, when a stolen or lost passport has been reported, it is completed invalidated, so you will not be able to use it.

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How Do You Apply for a Passport Replacement?

A passport renewal will be needed when a passport agency knows that a lost passport has been reported. However, a regional passport agency may take too long to get a passport card or a replacement passport for the person. That is why many people have been looking at expedited passport services because they will easily replace a lost passport and will not need to worry about it.

RushMyPassport is a company that has made an expedited passport service that is here to help when you have reported your passport lost or stolen. Check out more info on how to renew a passport online.


What Will You Need to Provide to Replace a Lost Passport?

You will need to provide a few things when you want to replace a lost passport:

U.S. Citizenship Proof

Every U.S. citizen who needs to replace a lost passport must prove they are a citizen. This can be done with someone's birth certificate, passport card, or expired passport. However, one of these will need to be shown to RushMyPassport because the team must know that the person applying for a replacement passport is a U.S. citizen.

Note: RushMyPassport will not make a foreign passport.

Identification Documents

Other identification documents will be needed when someone wants to replace a lost passport. This can be either a driver's license or another form of government I.D. There are so many forms now that one is bound to be available. However, if you only have a provisional driving license, that can also be used to get a passport in the US.

This is because the team wanted to do an expedited service to help everyone who needs to replace a lost passport.

Application Documents

Two forms must be completed if someone wants to replace a lost passport. They are the DS-11 and DS-64. Both of these forms will need to be completed for a replacement passport because the company will need to know that the person has provided them with the correct information to go into their new passport.

Passport Photo

A passport photo will need to be taken and given to the expedited service, so the team can ensure that the replacement passport is completed correctly. There are specific requirements when it comes to this photo:

  • It cannot be more than six months old.
  • You are not allowed to wear any eyewear.
  • The background must be white, and there cannot be any shadows.
  • It will need to be two by two inches.
  • The photo should be of high resolution.
  • You cannot digitally edit your photo.
  • Unless for medical or religious reasoning, you are not allowed to wear a head covering in your passport photo. Otherwise, you will need to provide additional information about why you need to wear your head covering.
  • It cannot be bent.

*The fastest way to get a passport photo is to use an online service.

Travel Itinerary

A travel itinerary will be needed to prove that you are traveling soon. This can be either your train tickets or airline tickets. It does not matter where you plan on traveling; this proof will be needed for you to be allowed to go anywhere.

These requirements will be needed to create a valid passport with your face on it. Otherwise, the expedited services would have been all for nothing.


What Is a Passport Expeditor?

A passport expeditor will help you with the passport application so it is appropriately completed, and there are no mistakes. This is an excellent way to ensure that every document has been filled in correctly. Also, some passport expeditors will hand-deliver your passport application so that it will be processed faster. This is called a rush passport renewal.

The expeditors have built strong relationships with the people at the passport agencies because they are there daily to drop off new applications and pick up new passports. This means that people are more likely to receive better treatment with their passport applications.

They will monitor your passport application closely, so you will always be in the know. If there are ever any problems, then you will be notified immediately. Also, the expeditor will be ready to help you fix any of these problems, so they do not stop your passport application.

Lastly, they may pick up your passport and deliver it to you. This is an excellent way for people to sit back and focus on other aspects of their travel because the expeditor will concentrate on safely getting their new passport to them.


How Long Do Expedited Passports Take?

The reason why people use expedited passport services is because it is faster than the regular wait time. Other people will need to wait around six weeks to get their passport, but this is not the case with RushMyPassport. The company has made a service that will speed up the passport processing times so that you can get your new passport fast.

When someone calls up one of the reps at RushMyPassport or fills in the passport application form, they will get their new passport fast. This is because this service has been made to shock everyone who uses it. After paying for the passport fees, the order will begin to be made and sent out to the person immediately.

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It Will Be Made By Professionals

Passport offices will make a passport perfect because that is their job, but so is the job of the passport creators who will expedite it for you. The team has continuously shown customers that every passport is made accurately and quickly. No one wants to pay for an expedited service, so the passport returns wrong.

However, people do not get that with RushMyPassport because the team has shown that it is professional and it is up to traveling standards. If you are getting a passport to travel overseas make sure you have the best international prepaid sim card for your travels.


You Can Get an Expedited Passport for an Emergency

Emergencies happen, which is why the company has made sure to create a service to help people. Sometimes, it is a life-or-death emergency, and someone will need a passport immediately. This can be discussed, and it may be possible to get a passport ready for that person immediately. However, they will need to provide one of the following:

  • A death certificate.
  • Documentation from a mortuary.
  • A letter from a healthcare professional.

If these documents can be provided, then people may be able to get their new passports quickly.


What If the Passport Is Damaged?

A passport may become damaged when people are away from home or when an accident happens. However, there is no need to panic when this happens because people will be able to get a new passport. Some may contact the National Passport Information Center and get information from there. Still, others may want to get their passport expedited right away because they are going to be going somewhere else.

If you have a damaged passport and need a new one, you will follow the same steps from above. You will need to fill in a DS-11 form because the passport processing will need to start from scratch. Also, you will need to prove that you are a U.S. citizen by either providing the company with your birth certificate, an old passport, or another way.

Additionally, you will need to hand in your damaged passport with your application, so you do not have two versions of a passport. If you are caught with two passports this way, you may get in trouble.

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Lost Passport FAQs

How Long Will It Take for My Replacement Passport to Arrive?

Many other companies will take between six to eight weeks for their passport replacement services. However, when you choose to use a passport facility like RushMyPassport, you are more likely to receive your passport quicker. This is because the company understands that people will need their passports quickly for their travels, so it is better to make them fast and correctly than slowly.

How Much Will This Cost?

The execution fee for an expedited passport is a base fee of $19, but there are government fees that will be applied to your order. These fees must be charged because of the expertise needed to expedite a passport and the required accuracy.

Can I Still Travel If I've Lost My Passport?

The quick answer is no. Every person needs a passport for international travel, so people who have lost their passport will not be able to travel. This is because of the laws and regulations that are across the globe.

I've Found My Lost Passport. Can I Still Use It?

No. When a passport has been reported as lost or stolen, they will not be able to use it if they find it again. This is because the original passport has been invalidated, which will not be suitable for international travel.



An expedited passport service is a great way to make your passport quickly and efficiently. The professionals will know how to get your passport made fast and correctly, so it is unlikely that there will be any delays when it comes to your new passport. You want to ensure you get that new passport as soon as possible.

That is why many people use RushMyPassport for their expedited passport needs.


This post is provided by a third party who may receive compensation from the companies whose products or services are mentioned.