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What Are the Best Barber Chairs for Sale?


First impressions are everything, and choosing the right barber chair can make or break that first customer experience. Clients may not see much beyond the way barbershop chairs look, but as a barber, you don't get that luxury. You have to ensure you hit the nail on the head with the selection, especially since it's a long-term investment.

You can't exactly just buy a new barber chair as often as you do razor blades. They're way too expensive for that, and the logistics would make for a nightmare.

Thankfully, you have us in your corner. Whether you prefer a traditional style or something a bit more modern, there are many fine details that can't be overlooked.

Our job is to give you all the insights you need to choose the chair that fits your needs. After all, doesn't the best barber deserve the best barber chair? Don't worry. You don't need to toot your own horn, but we will!

Shop The Best Barbershop Chairs

In a hurry? These are the five best barber chairs in 2023:

Overall Best Barber Chair: Theo Heavy Duty Barber Chair by Skin Act

Editors Choice: BR Beauty K.O. Professional Barber Chair

Best Vintage Look: BarberPub Heavy Duty Vintage Chair

Best Heavy Duty: Titan Heavy Duty Barbering Chair by DIR

Best Modern Look: Artist Hand Hydraulic Modern Barber Chair

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Barber Chair or Salon Chair?

You tend to find barber chairs, salon chairs, and spa equipment being sold in the same place. Obviously, you do not need the spa equipment unless your barber shop offers that kind of service. If that's the case, good on you for branching out!

As far as the chair goes though, you may find yourself thinking about going the salon chair route. After all, they're not that different from barber chairs, right? Wrong!

Barber chairs and salon chairs are not designed with the same considerations in mind. Sure, there may be similarities. Either chair could have a strong steel frame and be made from genuine leather, for example.

However, they're not made to serve the same purpose. First, they're supposed to aesthetically appeal to different clientele. Second, the adjustability and weight capacity of each are likely vastly different.

One is meant for clean cuts and close shaves, while the other is meant for hairstyling and makeup application.

We get it. Those true vintage barber chairs with white piping look amazing, but they're also so expensive. It's so much easier to just buy a salon chair and save yourself some money.

While you may save a few bucks in the short term, you could be setting yourself up for a lawsuit you'll never forget, considering salon chairs are a lot less sturdy than barber chairs.

Again, the people they're designed to accommodate are very different, and the manufacturers designed them with this in mind. New barber chairs can cost a pretty penny, but don't try to cheap them out if you really care about what you do.

What Elements Are Most Important in Selecting a Professional Barber Chair?


Professional barber chairs come in a ton of different flavors. Maybe you want a black vinyl chair with a removable headrest. Even if it can't be removed entirely, it's likely you at least want an adjustable headrest for those precise beard trims.

Regardless of what your preference is, the best barber chairs are those that check the right boxes. Bear in mind that this is highly subjective, so your requirements may be different. With that said, here are some of the typical considerations that would go into this kind of decision.


We know this one goes without saying. Barber chairs need to achieve what the barbers using them need them to do. As great as it may look, if it's not doing the job, then you have a glorified collectible.

Think of the many fine details that go into the job. You may realize that you need an adjustable headrest, hydraulics, foot pedals, the ability to recline, a strong steel frame, etc. The best barber chairs on the market will have a baseline set of features. Just ensure that all your bases are covered before you commit to any purchase.


You may subscribe to the belief that the best barber chairs are the most expensive ones. We get it. Typically, expense is associated with quality. To a very large extent, that's true. You'll often find that the brands making the quality items are the ones asking for the biggest spend.

What we don't want you to do is apply that rule broadly, especially if it means breaking the bank and going way over budget. Quality can come in affordable packages, just as there is such a thing as an overpriced barber chair.

Try to strike a balance as much as possible. Aim for the best mixture of features you can get at a solid price.


The idea of comfortable barbershop chairs is not one-dimensional. People hear it and they automatically assume that it speaks to the comfort of the customers. Make no mistake as your customers certainly need to be as comfortable as possible. However, so does the barber.

As far as the customer is concerned, the barber chair needs to be comfortable and not too restrictive


Remember how we spoke about new barber chairs being a long-term investment? It's not just about the fact that the cost would make them incredibly impractical to purchase at regular intervals.

When you buy a barber chair, you expect it to be with you for a while. That's one of the reasons barbers will often ensure that the chairs they have their eyes on are heavy-duty before they take them.

Remember that barbershop chairs are used quite a lot, especially on days when the customers are really coming in. Apart from people sitting in the chair, there are also the components involved in the swiveling and hydraulic lifting that will be exposed to wear and tear over time.

While plastic is not a problem for a professional barber chair, you at least want to ensure that it's heavy-duty plastic. Apart from that, a strong stainless steel frame is typically the way to go.

If you can get a powder-coated finish, that's even better since it means you don't need to worry too much about moisture.


How much space do you have to accommodate the barber chair that you want to buy? Logically speaking, you obviously can't fit a chair that's too large for a space into that space. Additionally, you don't necessarily want to go too small either, especially if you want to be able to accommodate a broad spectrum of customers.

Barber chairs that make efficient use of space tend to provide an excellent middle ground. Take the time to get a feel for your spacing requirements and remember to check as you're contemplating what to buy.


Depending on how you look at things, you may feel as if this is one of the less important pieces of the puzzle. While it's true that the way barber chairs look doesn't affect the way they function, the visual will affect the appeal of your shop.

Slotting in well with the existing decor is one thing. Looking appealing enough to your customers is another. In any case, we would say try not to worry too much considering there's a lot of wiggle room before you get into the territory of an eyesore for a chair.


Keeping the area you cut hair in clean is non-negotiable. Since the barber chair is a part of that area, you're going to need to give it special attention. As you know, even beyond the barber chair discussion, some materials are a lot harder to clean than others.

For your sake, we'd recommend staying on the easier side of the spectrum for your purchase. A black vinyl chair is an example of one that should be no trouble at all to clean considering all you need is a vinyl cleaner.

Weight Capacity

You may think that the way to handle the weight capacity element is to consider the clientele that you have. However, that's not the way to go about it. While doing so will tell you who you can expect as return customers, you can't use them to judge what your future customers will look like.

As a rule of thumb, some of the best barber chairs for sale are the ones that can accommodate a variety of people. Some of the high-end options on the market can manage weights of over 700 pounds, for example.

We wouldn't advise overloading your chair. Even if you're not seeing any damage initially, you may be doing damage to the components, which can spell big trouble over time.

Part Availability

Barber chairs are made up of a lot of parts, and realistically, they're not all going to last for the unit's time with you. Is there a dealer you can get access to that will stock parts and accessories that you need?

It's no use having an amazing barber chair that's fine at the onset but then becomes unusable because a basic part stopped working and you can't find a replacement.

The Top Barber Shop Chairs on the Market

Now we've gotten to the moment of truth. This is what you came to learn about. What are the best barber chairs for sale? Here's an outline of each of our recommendations!

1. Skin Act Theo Heavy Duty Barber Chair



If a traditional style is what impresses you, then the true vintage look of the Skin Act Theo is bound to catch your eye. Don't think it's all style and no substance though. Heavy duty is the name of the game here, which is beautifully reflected in the sturdy steel frame and the high-density cushion that will ensure you have it for a very long time to come.

The frame can support a staggering 900 pounds, which means that you should be able to serve just about any customer that walks into your shop. This is well-complimented by the 21.5-inch wide seat, which is perfect for the kind of customer comfort you'd want to achieve.

Impressively, the simplistic look of the chair is reflected in the lack of intensive effort involved in assembling it.

What Does This Barber Chair Do Well?

  1. The recline is incredible and can go to the point of being almost flat
  2. You shouldn't need too long to assemble it
  3. Perfect for those who like a vintage look.

What Could This Barber Chair Do Better?

  1. It's not the most cost-effective barber chair
  2. The stabilizing legs are on the smaller side

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2. BarberPub All-purpose Chair



Sometimes, if you watch those throwback movies, this is the kind of chair you'll see. That's not to say it doesn't hold up. After all, it's on a list of the best barber chairs on the market. As much as clients don't spend their time thinking about barber chairs, having an attention-grabbing one may just be the thing that causes a client to choose you.

Though it looks like the barber chairs of old, the comfort it brings to the table makes it just as relevant as its contemporary counterparts. High-density foam cushions are present here and they go incredibly well with the sturdy aluminum frame.

The chair can support up to 700 pounds, which is great for the potential diversity of the client base.

What Does This Barber Chair Do Well?

  1. There is an impressive vintage aesthetic
  2. The unit will accommodate up to 700 pounds
  3. Polyurethane and bi-cast leather come together to create an exceptional feel

What Could This Barber Chair Do Better?

  1. This isn't the most affordable chair on the market
  2. It doesn't fit so well into places that don't sport a vintage aesthetic

3. Skin Act Kenzo Barber Chair

Let's start with the fact that this barber chair is so sturdily built that it has a stunning weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. You will likely NEVER work on a client that weighs that much. Still, you have one of the best barber chairs for those who are super light or super heavy.

So, sure this is one of the most durable barber shop chairs around. What else does it do well? How about delivering an unbelievable sense of comfort in the form of high-density foam, an adjustable headrest, and a reversible footrest?

The aesthetic that you get with this barber chair is also very unique. While it does have a bunch of the standard tropes you would see in more vintage models, there is also a Japanese inspiration that is supremely obvious.

Its hydraulic pump is well designed too, and it can off up to 45 degrees of recline, so those master shaving sessions will be a breeze

What Does This Barber Chair Do Well?

  1. It's incredibly heavy-duty with a 1,000-pound weight capacity
  2. There's a super attractive aesthetic to speak of
  3. A towel bar is a part of the design

What Could This Barber Chair Do Better?

  1. This is one of the more expensive barber chairs on the market
  2. There are no stabilizing legs on the footrest

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4. Artist Hand All-purpose Barber Chair



As essential an investment as barber chairs are, not everyone has the kind of money to splurge on the more expensive models. That doesn't mean you can't have a quality design in your barber shop.

That's where this all-purpose chair comes into the mix. Don't expect all the bells and whistles that come with the more expensive models available. However, as far as base functionality getting the job done is concerned, there aren't too many better barber chairs out there.

You may find yourself a bit skeptical initially considering it has a bit of a salon chair aesthetic, but it's most certainly for the barbering experience.

What Does This Barber Chair Do Well?

  1. You get a 6-inch adjustment range
  2. The design is just enough to get the job done without being too over the top
  3. It's one of the more affordable barber chairs out there

What Could This Barber Chair Do Better?

  1. The weight capacity is only 330 pounds
  2. It boasts a styling chair aesthetic, which could be a turnoff for some customers
  3. The base is pretty narrow

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5. Baasha Gold Luxe Vintage Chair



This is one of the best barber chairs for those who want to create a luxurious look in their shops. It's pretty unlikely that people are going to look at this thing and not have a jaw-dropping experience just from looking at it. The thing is quite literally benefitting from gold embellishments.

They're well-complimented with decorative rivets and an outstanding pattern around the base. Don't think it's just for show though, as this also happens to be one of the most comfortable barber chairs on the list.

Flexibility is the name of the game with the heavy-duty design, as it offers a recline of up to a staggering 155 degrees. You do not need to almost flatten your customers, but you totally could if you ever needed to.

Other highlights include a calf rest, a rotatable footrest, and a 700-pound weight limit.

What Does This Barber Chair Do Well?

  1. You're getting an impressive 700-pound weight capacity
  2. The comfort provided here is off the charts
  3. Your shop gets to benefit from a beautiful and longstanding design

What Could This Barber Chair Do Better?

  1. The material used is faux leather
  2. There is not as much information or reviews available as with other models
  3. Subtle barber shop decor may not benefit from such a "loud" design

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6. Artist Hand All-purpose Hydraulic Modern Barber Chair



Artist Hand's second entry on this list of barber chairs is as stylish as it is practical. The weight capacity here is 440 pounds, which, while not as high as some of its counterparts, still manages to be very respectable in the grand scheme of things.

If you want to capitalize on modern technology, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option, considering that there is an electric model to speak of, which carries expected benefits such as a convenient adjustable lift, while carrying other more surprising ones such as phone chargers.

It's very comfortable thanks to high-density foam construction and the hydraulics, which are simply impressive.

What Does This Barber Chair Do Well?

  1. The wide chrome base provides tremendous stability
  2. A 130-degree recline is very respectable
  3. Though it's bulky, it still manages to look amazing

What Could This Barber Chair Do Better?

  1. It won't fit into a barber shop that is going for a traditional style
  2. You'll need to prepare for some level of assembly

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7. Icarus Carter Reclining Barber Chair



A lot of the more vintage-looking barber chairs are not necessarily the most affordable designs in the world, but this one by Icarus definitely stands against the status quo in that regard. Even with its non-prohibitive pricing, it happens to be very sturdily constructed, and the design is both simple and attractive.

Note, however, that the angle of recline is only 45 degrees. While this should be enough for most applications, barbers who may want more will need to look into another model to meet that need.

For those who like barber chairs with that 1960s look though, it's pretty difficult to find a better-suited unit for your shop.

What Does This Barber Chair Do Well?

  1. It stands on the more affordable side of the spectrum
  2. Mimics the look of barber chairs from the 1960s well
  3. The shiny chrome aesthetic is eye-catching

What Could This Barber Chair Do Better?

  1. The design is very lightweight, which brings its durability into question
  2. There is a lack of foot support

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8. BarberPub Heavy Duty Vintage Chair



Somehow, this is one of those chairs that manages to be very simple and very eye-catching at the same. This is likely because of the white highlights that provide a nice contrast to the black in the design.

Not many barber chairs can blend both vintage and modern elements well, but this is a great example of how it's done.

The highlights include a removable headrest, a large footrest, great comfort, and a sturdy build.

What Does This Barber Chair Do Well?

  1. You can choose from different colors to achieve the desired aesthetic in your shop
  2. A 140-degree recline is a highly welcome feature
  3. The 400-pound weight capacity is respectable

What Could This Barber Chair Do Better?

  1. While the decorative stitching is attractive, it may catch over time which can ruin the look the chair brings to your shop
  2. The assembly process could be a pain

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9. BR Beauty Professional Barber Chair



Attractively, this is one of the only barber chairs we know that looks somewhat like an office chair, and somehow manages to pull it off incredibly well.

The customizability that it brings is highly welcome and comes in the form of an adjustable footrest, well-designed hydraulics, and a very convenient headrest.

While there is a sturdy steel frame, it's very much cushioned to avoid disrupting the comfort of your valued customers. While it can accommodate most of the clients that you'll work on, bear in mind that the weight capacity is only 350 pounds, so there may be some limitations on the upper side of the fence.

What Does This Barber Chair Do Well?

  1. You get a two-year warranty on the hydraulics
  2. The footrest is complete with stabilizing legs
  3. The aesthetic is simple and attractive

What Could This Barber Chair Do Better?

  1. The weight capacity is not the highest
  2. There's a narrow feeling to the seat
  3. Depending on your perspective, you may find the chair to be too bulky

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10. Pibbs Seville 661 Barber Chair



If you want to talk about barber chairs that bear a timeless design, it's hard to look past this one by Pibbs. One look at it is all you need to know that the materials used in its design are extremely durable, from the steel frame to the excellent upholstery, which is all complimented by the white piping.

Not all barber furniture can provide this kind of secure feeling, but Pibbs managed to bring the formula together quite well. At 440 pounds, the weight capacity is pretty respectable.

The headrest is not only comfortable, but it's also removable, which provides the right recipe for versatility. Additionally, the inclusion of memory foam means that the unit will mold itself to whatever body type uses it.

What Does This Barber Chair Do Well?

  1. An excellent and eye-catching aesthetic
  2. The comfort features are well designed
  3. There's a two-year warranty on the hydraulic pump

What Could This Barber Chair Do Better?

  1. While there is a recline feature, it's not as well implemented as those of some other barber chairs
  2. Some people may find the chair to be a bit narrow

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11. DIR Titan Heavy Duty Barbering Chair



The final option we'll talk about for your shop comes from DIR, and it doesn't take very long to see the elements of a heavy-duty design here. Impressively, you'd think it would just be one of those big and bulky barber chairs, but it's surprisingly streamlined in its design, all things considered.

Thanks to the sides and back being open, customers shouldn't feel as if their movement is being restricted. Note, however, that the recline only goes up to 45 degrees, which can be a bit of a concern.

One of the highlights is the color choices available, which allow you to closely match the existing look of your barbershop.

What Does This Barber Chair Do Well?

  1. Multiple colors are available to choose from
  2. A wide and spacious design
  3. Sturdy design without being too much on the bulk side of the fence

What Could This Barber Chair Do Better?

  1. There isn't too much of a recline present
  2. While the open back allows for free movement, it lacks support

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Things to Bear in Mind When Browsing New Barber Chairs


The First Impression is Key

While the furniture in your shop may not be the primary concern of potential customers, they are paying attention, so selecting a chair that blends into your aesthetic well is always recommended.

Service Match

While style and quality are important, think about the services you offer. The chair you select needs to be conducive to performing them with no inhibition.

Costly Doesn't Mean Better

We touched on this a bit earlier. A more expensive chair is not necessarily a better chair. Pay attention to features and design choices too.

Finishing Touches

We know that with possibly the largest selection of chairs you've ever seen looming over you and the big role your final decision will play, it can be a little jarring to pick a barber chair. What we'd say is to make the decision as subjective as possible.

It's nice to hear about the different features and all that stuff, but you're the one who has to deal with the ups and downs of the purchase. So, think about your situation and your services, then you'll make a solid choice!

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This post is provided by a third party who may receive compensation from the companies whose products or services are mentioned.