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Tips for Going to Medical School Later in Life

Tips for Going to Medical School Later in Life

It’s common for young people to dream about working in medicine, but older people might realize later in life that they are interested in working in the field. You might recognize this well after you have graduated college and started working in another industry. However, there are a few things you should know about going into the industry later in life.

Determine if It is Worthwhile

You can expect to spend several years preparing to work in the medical industry. That will include several years of school and several more years for a medical residency that focuses on a specific area. Think about whether or not you want to devote many years preparing for this new career.

Consider the cost of your education as well. Many students end up spending several hundred thousand dollars on their education, so think about whether or not you can realistically afford it. In addition, you might go without a salary since it is nearly impossible to work full-time while attending medical school. Of course, one way of reducing the financial impact initially is by taking out student loans. Taking out a student loan from a private lender to pay for your education can help you cover both tuition and living expenses.

You can expect to need to change your lifestyle to adapt. You will not have much extra cash when you are in school, so you should consider starting to scale your lifestyle back now. See if you are happy living on less and whether you could make that work for several years.

Applying Later in Life

You can get accepted into a medical school, even if you are not as young as many applicants. Your age does not affect how viable a candidate you are. Instead, your candidacy depends on various factors, such as your willingness to work hard and your GPA. As an older student, you can bring a different perspective in. You might be more creative, motivated, and efficient than your younger peers. Many professions can prepare you for a career in this industry. For example, you might not think medicine and engineering have that much in common, but engineering can teach you to solve problems.

Preparing as an Older Applicant

Don’t worry about your age if your dream is to work as a doctor. Applying to medical school can help you decide if this is the right career for you. You might find working in this field is exceptionally fulfilling and meaningful. It’s a good idea to have an accountability partner as you are applying to schools. For example, you could have a classmate, friend, or family member help you stay on track. Or work with an advisor to stay on track. There are many forms of advising that lead to student success.

That’s because the application process can be time-consuming, and it is often helpful to have someone who can help you stay on track. You can also gain advice from advisers at your chosen school. If you did premed work at another school, you could also get help from those admissions counselors. Taking full advantage of the resources you have on hand will help you be successful in your new track, no matter your age.


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