Penn State WLAX vs Michigan, Dupcak (2)

Midfielder Samantha Dupcak (2) runs with the ball during Penn State's second women's lacrosse game against Michigan on Sunday, March 21, 2021 at Panzer Stadium in University Park, Pa. The Nittany Lions beat the Wolverines 13-12.

Despite a strong first half against Johns Hopkins, it was all for naught for Penn State.

After what was nearly a two-week hiatus from games, the Nittany Lions seemed to have figured out some of the necessary improvements for their success toward the end of the regular-season.

However, the blue and white’s adjustements were still no match for the Blue Jays.

The contests concluded with a Johns Hopkins 13-10 win to give visiting Penn State its third straight loss.

Midfielder Olivia Dirks opened up scoring for the Nittany Lions and midfielder Gretchen Gilmore followed up with another goal.

The blue and white found the back of the net two more times prior to the end of the half.

Attacker Aurora Cordingley followed not long after with another Blue Jay goal. Johns Hopkins finished the half with seven in total.

The first half ended with the Blue Jays out in front.

After finishing the first half with momentum in its favor, Johns Hopkins scored the first goal of the second frame. This goal was Cordingley’s fourth of the contest.

Johns Hopkins found the back of the net five more times in the second half.

Midfielder Sophia Triandafils ended Penn State’s second half drought with her first goal of the game, and the Nittany Lions finished with 10 goals in total.

Offense jumpstarts Penn State

Throughout the first half of the season, the Nittany Lions have had difficulty moving the ball at a pace that would allow them to score.


For instance, during the Ohio State game, there were many occasions where Penn State became hesitant to pass, which allowed the Buckeyes to easily acquire the ball by putting minimal pressure on the attack.

However, the blue and white has finally figured out a motion that works for them and played in a quick stick fashion on offense throughout the majority of the game.

Aggression from both sides contributes to game’s suspense

The Nittany Lions and the Blue Jays competed strong and confident. However, with this type of play came several card penalties that resulted in on and off man-up opportunities for both teams.

While neither squad showed particular success when given those on-field advantages, they both were quick to move and make decisions, which made the game interesting to watch.

Inconsistent defense reappears for Penn State

In previous games this season, Penn State has had difficulty on offense when it comes to maintaining possession.

However, during its battle with Johns Hopkins, the Nittany Lions’ defense was caught ball-watching on several instances that led to Blue Jays goals.

Johns Hopkins’ midfield outshined Penn State’s as it focused on collecting the ball at the midfield, which caught the Nittany Lions off guard.


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