Teniya 2k

Graphic: Jack R. Hirsh

Teniya Page has been the focal point of the Penn State offense for her entire career, and now she joins an elite group of Lady Lions.

In the third quarter against Iowa on her senior day, Page scored her 2,000th point, adding another accolade to her career as one of the Big Ten’s most dominant point guards.

Page came into Happy Valley with an impressive High School resume, and high expectations following her 33-1 senior season paired with an Illinois 4A State Championship.

Plus, she had been selected to an all state team since her sophomore year of high school and the big stage was not going to be too bright for one of the nation’s premier up and coming combo guards.

Her freshman season, Page was already turning heads in the Big Ten, averaging 15 and 4 assists and receiving a second team all conference nod.

In addition, Page was just the second Lady Lion in program history to be a unanimous selection for the conference all freshman team joining current WNBA star Alex Bentley.

Each of the last four years, Page has led Penn State in scoring, and even though the wins and losses have been inconsistent, Page’s ability to put the ball in the basket has been a mainstay over that time.

The senior guard is also one of just five Penn Staters with 1,500 points and 300 assists in their career, and she is on track to reach 2,000 points, 400 assists, and 400 rebounds for her career, which has never been done by a Lady Lion, and only one other active Division I player has those numbers currently.

But the aspect of Page’s game which has been as much of a constant as her scoring is her effort and dedication to the Penn State Lady Lion program.

“It’s been a lot of fun coaching her, she has a tremendous basketball IQ and she’s got a fantastic work ethic” coach Coquese Washington said.

“She’s always working on her game, she's really hard on herself and wants to play well and perform well on game day and she puts the work in. When you look at what she's done from a statistical standpoint in terms of the 2,000 points, the rebounds, the assists, and all that it just speaks volumes about the work that she puts into her game and the pride that she takes in her performance every night.”

Page undoubtedly will go down as one of Penn State’s best players of all-time, but she isn’t one to talk about her legacy when asked, she is much more reserved and focused on the broader picture.

“It doesn’t really mean that much to me, I’m not a personal statistics type of person,” Page said.  “I guess that it just shows that I come in every single day and work, try to excel forward in whatever I do, enhance my overall basketball ability, just staying confident, keep working at it.”

The Chicago native’s tireless work ethic has shown throughout her career as a Lady Lion. Page has improved her game every year and has adapted her game when need be. The one constant has been Page as the focal point of Penn State’s offense over the last four years.

“I think my ability to play with and without the ball has grown a lot, especially in college the past couple years learning to deal with injuries and finding ways to score without being 100%, just being able to improvise in a lot of situations,” Page said. 

While Page has been so dominant on an individual level in her time at Penn State, the senior point guard has made those around her better, leading by example, and setting the precedent of the effort she expects from her teammates.

Junior guard Jaida Travascio-Green has played with Page for the last three seasons, and in that time she has observed and appreciated all that goes into Page’s success on the court.

“Teniya is a great basketball player and we all know that but she works incredibly hard. She is one of the people who gets the most critiques and that [all the coaches] are hardest on in practice,” Travascio-Green said. “So a lot of people only see her performance but there is so much that goes into that and I think we are all really proud of her as a player and how she’s grown from my three years and the senior’s four years and even as a person how much she has grown. I think we are all really excited for her to get this.”

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