Basketball v Norfolk State, Pat Kraft

Pat Kraft watches Penn State women's basketball game against Norfolk University at Bryce Jordan Center on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2022 in University Park, Pa.

Penn State could see improvements to its wrestling facilities soon, courtesy of Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Patrick Kraft.

Kraft held a pre-Rose Bowl press conference on Friday, and while it was supposed to be football-oriented, the topic of wrestling made a minor appearance.

The Nittany Lions have wrestled in Rec Hall for decades spanning to the 1900s, but they’ve started scheduling a dual meet in the Bryce Jordan Center annually to allow more fans to watch. This season, there are two Bryce Jordan Center duals scheduled.

For Kraft, it’s about balance while looking for better opportunities.

“I think we sold one of [the Bryce Jordan Center dual meets] out in like two minutes, I’m excited to see it,” Kraft said. “I’ve been to Rec Hall for wrestling and I think there is a balance of that BJC environment… and then that intimate excitement in Rec Hall.”

Penn State has won nine national championships in the past 11 seasons and wrestling has been the university’s most successful athletic program in that timeframe in terms of national championships.

However, there’s still room for improvements according to Kraft.

The Nittany Lions utilize the Lorenzo Wrestling Complex, which is attached to Rec Hall, for practices, conditioning and everything in between. While Rec Hall has been renovated in the past, Kraft emphasized the need to better the training center.

“We have a nice wrestling facility, but we have to find enhancements there,” Kraft said. “We're looking and exploring how we can continue to enhance that, but the training room there is absolutely inadequate. We are working on studies to focus on enhancing the training.”

Rec Hall is a multipurpose building that’s used for other sports than wrestling, primarily men’s and women’s volleyball. The Lorenzo Wrestling Complex has a weight room next to the mats that is also used by the volleyball teams, as well as locker rooms in the hallways.

Wrestling has seen more success than the volleyball teams have in recent memory, but Kraft is looking to benefit all three sports that use Rec Hall as well.

“When I look at Rec [Hall] right now, those are the enhancements that I'm working on, trying to figure out and trying to do in very short order,” Kraft said.



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