Bryce Jordan Center

Bryce Jordan Center

Penn State and Ticketmaster announced on Wednesday the next phase of its digital ticketing plan.

Ticketmaster will implement “Ticketmaster Presence” at all five major Penn State athletic venues.

The two partners first tested the plan last season in Pegula Ice Arena and Panzer Stadium, but will expand the technology to Beaver Stadium, the Bryce Jordan Center and Rec Hall this year.

Tickets printed at home will no longer be accepted at Penn State venues and instead fans will have to use their tickets digitally though the Ticketmaster app or their mobile wallet.

Ticketmaster and Penn State hope this will reduce ticket fraud and create a more seamless entry to events for fans.

“For more than a decade, Ticketmaster has partnered with Penn State Athletics to create the best sporting event experiences for their fans,” said Tim Martin, Senior Vice President of College Athletics at Ticketmaster, North America said in a release. “We’re proud to work with a partner who’s at the forefront of new technology adoption within college athletics. We can’t wait to bring our latest products to Penn State fans at the start of the new season.”

Penn State is also the first university to leverage “SafeTix” for its students with tickets during the 2019 football season. Each student ticket will be tied to an account and has a changing encrypted barcode. Students will have to save their ticket in their mobile wallet and will gain access to the stadium through a tap and go action.

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