Sports News

The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) released a statement Wednesday on Twitter announcing a flexible start for sports this fall.

The PIAA previously announced it would move forward as scheduled with fall sports. The association has since adjusted its plans for sports in the fall.

“To aid our school districts who have varied approaches to their return to school plans, PIAA has offered flexibility to schools, leagues, and/or conferences to begin contests after the first contest date,” the PIAA said in its statement on Twitter.

In the new model, there are three options for sports to return. For a regular start, heat acclimatization for football begins August 10 and the remaining sports’ practices can begin August 17.

The first contest date in women’s golf is August 20 and remaining sports can begin within the next two weeks. 

In an alternate start, heat acclimatization cannot begin August 10 nor can practices start prior to August 17. The earliest first contest date in any sports in this model is September 14.

In the hybrid start, no fall sports could begin competition earlier than October 5 unless specified otherwise by a District Committee.

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