Daily Collegian Home Delivery


Due to the impact of COVID-19 we are delaying the launch of this service. Please continue to sign up and we will notify you of availability and pricing.

Starting August 2021

Get The Daily Collegian delivered to your door.

By subscribing to The Daily Collegian, you will receive news, sports, entertainment and features about Penn State University by Penn State students. In addition, Collegian writers will provide students' perspectives in columns and opinions.

All for just $2/week. 

Sign up now and we'll bill you later. To secure your home-delivered fall semester subscription please use our online form.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can the Daily Collegian be delivered?

Daily Collegian subscriptions are delivered by the network of Centre Daily Times newspaper carriers and routes. Your delivery address must be within the Centre Daily Times serviced areas to be eligible for this offer.

How frequently you will receive a Daily Collegian?

The Daily Collegian is printed every Thursday while the Fall Semester is in session with in-person classes at the University Park campus.

Dates are subject to change. Delivery to your address may be delayed until Friday.

Can you mail a check?

Please do not send us any payment at this time. After you sign up and prior to launch Collegian will bill you for the $2/week.

Yes. Please make your check payable to Collegian Inc and include the note/memo "Daily Collegian subscription." 

Be sure to also include the address your copies should be delivered to.

Mail all the information and your check to:

Daily Collegian Home Delivery
115 Carnegie Building
University Park, PA 16802

Can you subscribe and pay online?

We are sorry, but at this time we do not offer that option.

How you sign up for home delivery?

Please take a moment to fill in our form at www.collegian.psu.edu/form/daily_collegian_home_delivery. Send no money or payment information at this time. We will contact you later. Thank you.






Collegian Home Delivery
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