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A burning question for many is whether Earth is the only planet that holds life. Although astronomer Jill Tarter has yet to find the answer, she has been on a 50-year search.

Tuesday night in 100 Thomas Building, the Penn State Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics hosted the Friedman Lecture Series in Astronomy. Around 400 students and professors listened to a lecture by Tarter titled “Are We Alone?” The lecture centered on extraterrestrial life and the possible impact of it on humans on earth.

The sun is one of 400 billion stars in the Milky Way and the Milky Way is one galaxy in 100 billion , Tarter said.

A crowd filled 100 Thomas Building on Saturday evening for “Mind Flicks,” an event put on by the senior graphic design class, that involved films of many different styles.

According to the program, the films fell into one of six categories including leader, social issue, split screen, into/through/out, fairy tale or flipbook.

The program kicked off around 7:15 p.m. and ran through all of the films, one-by-one, for almost an hour.

Kristen Richers was not expecting an otherwise ordinary journey home, or her coat, to be ruined by crows one night.

As she strolled across the street from Thomas Building, she said it was too dark to notice what she later estimated to be about 50 crows in a tree above her.

“I was walking home, and they all decided just to go to the bathroom at once,” Richers (junior- kinesiology) said. “It was honestly like rain. I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

Ryan Buell , 2006 Penn State graduate, returned to his alma mater Thursday night to discuss his personal account of coming out as a bisexual man while in the public eye.

Buell gave his lecture, entitled “Faith, Spirituality, God & Sexuality: Coming Out While Starring in a TV Show,” in 100 Thomas Building to a captivated audience.

Buell, who is an established author, producer, director and paranormal investigator, founded the Penn State Paranormal Research Society as a college student. Now, Buell is the creator, producer and star of the hit A&E Network television show “Paranormal State” as well as executive producer of “American Ghost Hunter.”