Sandusky's arrest doesn't erase the years of trauma his survivors continue to experience to this day. For survivor advocates, the goal of eradicating child sexual abuse continues to persist as well.


The Sandusky case brought many imperfections with the university and its reporting system to light that would ultimately reshape higher education as a whole.


Penn State Athletics was rocked by Sandusky's arrest and Joe Paterno's firing that followed. The football program navigated unprecedented consequences — and the players did it all together. Meanwhile, the other Nittany Lion varsity teams stuck together in support of one another.


Happy Valley faced an identity crisis in the days and week's after Sandusky's arrest. The town and student population were forced to take a step back and reexamine the university they thought they once knew so well.


News trucks lined College Avenue for weeks after Sandusky's arrest, which had quickly become one of the largest stories in the nation. A taboo subject, reporters had to put themselves in precarious — and sometimes dangerous —situations.