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What Can I Do with the Diamonds I Inherited?

My grandmother recently passed away, and she left me some loose diamonds from her earrings and a ring. They’ve been carefully stored away, so they appear to be in good shape still. I’d like to give them a new life. What can I do with loose diamonds?

We're sorry for your loss. The diamonds your grandmother left behind can serve as a great memory, and if you give them new life, you can take a part of her with you wherever you go. There are many things that you can do with old diamonds.

I’m not sure of the quality or the quantity of your diamonds. One of the first things you may want to do is visit a jeweler to have them appraised.

Just to be clear, a loose diamond is understood to be a diamond that is ready for setting. Diamonds can only be appraised when they are loose because you can inspect the 4Cs from different aspects.

What Can I Do with the Diamonds I Inherited?

So, before you do anything with those diamonds, make sure that you get them appraised. This will ensure that you know what you have, and you can make a smarter decision on how to use them.

Once you know the quality of your loose diamonds, you can decide what to do with them. It sounds like you’re pretty set on the idea of repurposing them, but it’s still important to have them appraised before you move forward.

One of the most obvious and popular options is to have your diamonds set into a new ring – or have several rings set, depending on how many diamonds you have and their sizes. You can also have a custom ring design created. Because you already have the diamonds, the cost will likely be significantly lower. Many jewelers offer the option to create customized designs. This could be a really nice way to honor and remember your grandmother in a tangible way.

If you’re not interested in rings, you can create an heirloom bracelet. This is a great option if you have other gems from your grandmother or other family members that can be incorporated into the design. Another idea is to choose a link bracelet, and have your diamonds set into different charms that have a special meaning for you.

If bracelets and rings aren’t your thing, what about a necklace? Depending on the size and number of diamonds, you can have a bezel setting surrounding your diamonds on any size or style chain you desire.

There are so many ways to repurpose loose diamonds into new pieces that can be enjoyed for decades to come.

Many people assume that it’s better to just hold onto loose diamonds for investment purposes. But in reality, diamonds take many years to appreciate in value to the point where it makes sense to consider them an investment. Diamonds will generally appreciate in value, but you’ll wait many years to reach this point.

Repurposing the diamonds by setting them will allow you to enjoy them and potentially increase their value.