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Sociologist Mohammad Alshereda on Social Hierarchy: Good or Evil?

Sociologist Mohammad Alshereda on Social Hierarchy: Good or Evil?

A lot of people argue that social hierarchy is bad because most people are in the bottom of it as they have the least resources and they earn the least money compared to those at the top. A lot of people who claim that are feminists and left fundamentalists but that does not mean that those claims are false. They say that it is not fair. This ideology resembles that of socialism.

Whether it is capitalism, socialism or communism, social hierarchy is a normal circumstance of forming a society. In spite of all its flaws, social hierarchy serves as an order for earning a living because without it, people will be at constant war with each other even over essential means of survival like food. Society must have authority that seeks the common good in order to maintain its survival and well-being. Sometimes the intentions of people at the top of the hierarchy can be twisted into something bad as human-beings are designed to overreach and are drawn to power and authority to a degree that it can consume them but the substitute which is anarchy will always be worse. We can't depend on self-righteousness of people to provide order no matter how strong it is because it is unstable. Society needs government in order to have harmony and encourage productive behavior.

Money is a great factor in the equation as the more money you have, the more power you gain but even when moving money aside, there will still be a hierarchy because people are different in many aspects therefore the more important the role you play in society, the higher your rank in the hierarchy. Intellectuals play a different role than doctors and so on. It is like the unwritten law of life. Even in the animal kingdom, lions are different from hyenas.

Given the big picture, we conclude that social hierarchy is good in general and even assuming that it is evil, it is a necessary evil.