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Purlab Announces First FDA-Approved Home COVID Testing Kit

Purlab Announces First FDA-Approved Home COVID Testing Kit

With COVID-19 cases on the rise in the United States, testing has increased across the country. Urgent care, emergency rooms, hospitals, and doctors’ offices are flooded with people who need testing done every day. Pop-up testing centers have opened in schools and church parking lots, with many administering hundreds of tests in a single day.

Lines to get tested are becoming increasingly long. Many people report having to wait in line for hours to receive their tests, while other places are now having to turn people away if they do not secure a place in line early enough. These inconveniences are preventing many people from receiving testing, whether it is a rapid test or lab test.

The demand for in-person testing is simply too high, resulting in an inability to accommodate all those who need testing. Long lines may prove to make it impossible for many people to wait for the test even if it is available. The elderly, essential workers, and many other groups of people do not have the capability to wait.

Time is truly of the essence when it comes to testing. With the vaccine slowly starting to become more available, the FDA has made it clear they are able to approve the use of products and treatments that will help to slow or prevent the spread of COVID-19. They have the power to issue an Emergency Use Authorization. This means they can take less time to go through the steps to verify FDA approval while still following protocol for safety checks.

One company, Purlab, decided to provide us all with the solution we so desperately need. People are making a huge effort to return to normal, which means heading back to the office and continuing in-person learning in the classroom for those in school.

The problem is that many of these places are requiring people to test negative before returning. The issue then becomes the fact that people are not able to get tests when they need them most. If long lines and lack of testing in office settings are the problems, why not come up with a new way to get tested? And that is exactly what Purlab did: they created a simple and accurate at-home COVID-19 test.

“Purlab is the most-user friendly COVID-19 test on the market today and the only one that we know of with a mobile app, allowing our users to register their kit, take the saliva test, pack it in a pre-labeled box and receive test results from the lab in as few as 24 hours,” says Michael Cohen, President of Purlab.

Purlab is a simple at-home saliva-based COVID-19 PCR test. This is an aspect that makes it unique from other tests. It is less invasive but equally as effective and reliable with its results. Additionally, it is more accurate than the rapid antigen testing that is also commonly used. Consider the fact that it will save you time and a lot of it. It is shipped directly to you (or to your employer or school, depending on how they have it set up), and you can do the test on your own with no assistance.

The test will let you know whether you have COVID-19, not whether you have had it previously (like an antibody test) or if you’ve contracted it in the moments since taking the test. With that in mind, users of the test may want to lie low until they get their testing results in order to ensure that they don’t pick up the virus somewhere else.

No more waiting in line or missing your chance to get tested. And even more impressive is the fact that you do not have to wait a week to receive your results. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to receive and complete your test, and you will get your results in about one day.

-Step 1: Your kit will arrive in the mail along with instructions. You must create an account and scan the barcode.

-Step 2: Spit into the tube that is provided up to the line, and secure the lid tightly.

-Step 3: Put the tube back into the box with the pre-made FedEx label and send it to the lab.

-Step 4: You will receive your results in as little as 24-72 hours and can access them through the app or website.

The fact that you do not have to leave your home to get tested is also so important for places that are on strict lockdowns or have higher cases of COVID-19. Even though testing centers do a great job of cleaning their facilities, they still provide an opportunity to come in contact with people who test positive. Staying at home to take your test keeps your risk of getting sick even lower.

This first-of-its-kind test was developed and is run in collaboration with Rutgers University RUCDR Infinite Biologics Lab and was the first FDA EUA-approved SARS-COV-2 Saliva Test. The at-home saliva test is available on Purlab’s website for $145 and is covered by most insurance carriers. If you are a business or school that wants to routinely have its employees or students checked, they can ship the test kits in bulk at a slightly discounted price. Purlab suggests that testing be done once a week, although testing more frequently would just add another layer of security.

The kit itself includes all the tools you need to perform the test, plus the fees associated with doctors, shipping, and lab processing. It’s not about hidden costs—it’s about keeping communities safe. And at present, they can ship the test anywhere in the continental U.S., making for added ease when it comes to testing for people all over the country.

For employers looking to keep their offices safe, Purlab makes working together as easy as possible. They can even view their employees’ test results on the patient portal, ensuring that everyone is in the know for safety reasons.

Purlab could be a game-changer for those who must return to normal routines and return to doing things in person. School children could be tested weekly in order to keep cases down. College students can attend their classes with lower risk. Office workers could have their employers’ partner with Purlab to provide tests for all employees. If everyone had a 100% guarantee they did not have COVID-19, then schools and offices would be free to resume business as usual without worrying about outbreaks and having to shut down again.

About Purlab

Purlab is an extremely easy and user-friendly at-home COVID-19 testing platform. The test is saliva-based, which allows you to avoid having someone shove an uncomfortable (sometimes painful) and invasive swab up your nose. The robust proprietary technology allows anyone who purchases the test kit to register on the website or phone app. After registering, you can take the test within minutes in the comfort of your own home.

Results are returned in as few as 24 hours from the time the lab receives the sample. You are alerted when your results are ready with a text message and email. Purlab set out to make testing easy and accessible, and that is exactly what it is doing.