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Noémie, James Allen, and Blue Nile: Who Has the Best Quality Jewelry?

Noémie, James Allen, and Blue Nile: Who Has the Best Quality Jewelry?

You don't have to look far to find low-quality jewelry. Perhaps there's a particular high-end bracelet you've been eyeing for its design. There are dozens of stores online that have ripped off that design to sell it to you for a quarter of the price. Even among high-end brands online, quality can differ. How can you know you're getting a piece worth your time and money?

High-quality jewelry isn't just quality because the price-tag says it is. The materials used to craft your piece are a primary factor in your jewelry's worth. While you search for jewelry that you won't have to replace, let's look over what makes a quality piece of jewelry. Then, we'll compare Blue Nile, James Allen, and Noémie to see which of these three major online jewelers offers you the most quality.

How to Spot a Quality Piece of Jewelry

A few factors determine the worth of the jewelry you wear. As mentioned, a price tag doesn't always reflect the quality of a piece of jewelry. Though it can be difficult to recognize with untrained eyes, there are a few tips and guiding principles that can accompany you on your search for jewelry that lasts. Let's explore how different metals, diamonds, and crafting methods can influence your jewelry's value.


You might feel under-qualified to judge the integrity of various metals used to create jewelry. However, a few essential tips can aid you as you evaluate and compare jewelry pieces. The first guiding principle for estimating metals is to check for a hallmark on that piece. A high-quality piece of jewelry will feature a hallmark stating its value (e.g., '14K' for gold or '925' for silver.) A bit of jewelry with no hallmark could be costume jewelry.

Besides the mark, real gold and silver will weigh more than their fake counterparts. If the ring you just bought feels lighter than other comparable pieces, you may want to have it appraised. Evaluating the hallmark and weight of your jewelry can be a first step to understanding its quality. These are just a few aspects to consider when assessing a piece of jewelry's value.


You've heard of the four Cs. These descriptors are more than just buzzwords. Each of these aspects can dramatically alter a diamond's worth. Learning about clarity, color, cut, and carat weight can help guide you as you peruse major online jewelers to find the best diamonds. Let's briefly overview these iconic gem characteristics:

Color: If two stones are similar in clarity and carat weight but different in color, they will differ in quality. Experts grade color on a scale of D-Z. Most fine jewelry falls into the D-J range, with D being more colorless and J having a slight coloration. Knowing this scale will help you make an informed jewelry purchase.

Cut: A diamond that has a quality cut will interact with light beautifully. Gemologists refer to these light interactions as “fire,” “brightness,” and “scintillation.” You may not be able to see the slight difference in light exchange from one cut to another with untrained eyes. Still, researching these specific terms can help you understand the quality of your jewelry's diamonds.

Clarity: Clarity is another aspect that major jewelers reference in describing their jewelry. Like color, clarity is a diamond descriptor that gemologists grade on a scale. Most major fine jewelry offers diamonds from a Flawless-SI clarity range. Knowing this scale can help you understand the pricing of a specific piece of jewelry. Look over this scale to see where your potential purchase falls in this range.

Carat Weight: The last of the 4 C's is Carat weight. This characteristic describes the value of a particular stone based on how heavy it is. Experts weigh diamonds with intense precision on a scale of 100 points. A diamond's carat weight (combined with clarity, color, and cut) can significantly raise or lower a stone's value.

Hand-Crafted vs. Machine-Made

One final guideline for determining a piece of jewelry's worth is how jewelers created the work. Was it mass-produced with little attention to detail, or was it intentionally handcrafted with your story in mind? One way you can inspect this for yourself is by judging your jewelry's prongs. Was it haphazardly made, or do the prongs hold stones securely in place? You deserve to wear high-quality, handcrafted jewelry that doesn't fall apart.

Comparing Noémie, James Allen, and Blue Nile

We've looked briefly at ways to determine a piece of jewelry's quality. When you familiarize yourself with the details experts evaluate in jewelry, you'll have an advantage when shopping for it online. How do the major jewelers compare to one another when it comes to quality? Let's investigate how Blue Nile, James Allen, and Noémie differ in their materials and crafting methods.

Diamond Rings

We'd love to spend all day comparing these brands' necklaces, bracelets, and wedding bands. For today, let's focus on inspecting just one style of ring that each jeweler offers – a diamond eternity band. We'll look at how each of these retailers provides value in their band compared to their prices.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile's Riviera Pavé Diamond Eternity Band features diamonds encircling an 18K Gold band. The Diamonds are SI quality and an average I color. For a band totaling at a 1/2-Carat weight, Blue Nile prices their ring at $1,690. You can add an engraving to your ring for an additional cost.

James Allen

James Allen offers a Pavé Set Diamond Eternity ring in 18K Gold. The diamonds used comprise a 1-carat average total weight in F-G color and VS2-SI1 clarity. The price tag on this James Allen eternity band is $2,080 with an added free inscription.


Noémie offers you a selection of fine diamond jewelry. One stunning piece you may love is their Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Band. This eternity band displays diamonds set into an 18K Gold band with free optional engraving. The diamonds featured are F/G color and VS clarity diamonds totaling 0.96-carats in weight. They offer you this ring at $1,570 year-round because they sell directly to customers without traditional markups.

How Noémie Offers Great Quality

There's so much more to love about Noémie’s value. Their diamonds are always 100% ethically-sourced or lab-grown in-house. They also committed to working with only high-quality materials: 18K Solid gold, certified F/G color, and VS clarity diamonds. Using 18K gold ensures a perfect combination of both purity and strength in your jewelry. Their uncompromising standards for their diamonds guarantee high quality throughout their collections.

Noémie's Quality Handcrafted Jewelry

Tennis Collection

They also provide multiple inspiring collections for you to peruse. If you've been dreaming of the perfect tennis bracelet to elevate your streetwear, Noémie offers several luxurious pieces for you to imagine yourself wearing. It's an iconic piece, and it adds charm to any outfit. You can decide whether their customary tennis bracelet, larger tennis bracelet, or one of their colorful variations is suitable for you.

Personalized Collection

Have you been wondering what kind of jewelry to give as a meaningful gift? Noémie also happily offers a selection of customizable jewelry that will warm the heart of the one you adore. You can choose their custom ring builder for an important milestone or one of their personalized necklaces to show your loved one how well you know them. They all feature the same high-quality materials used throughout their jewelry.

They also offer the opportunity to custom-create any kind of jewelry you want, all with free returns. Noemie truly is here to give you the jewelry experience that you’re looking for.

Classic Collection

One more collection you're welcome to enjoy is Noémie’s classic collection. It comprises well-loved pieces that will last your lifetime and never go out of style. As always, they handcraft their pieces to provide you with jewelry made intentionally for you. Handcrafting ensures that each piece receives attention to detail to give you the most high-quality result. The classic collection's timeless pieces are terrific go-to items to either add to your wardrobe or gift to someone dear to you.


As you search online for the best fine jewelry for the price, it can be hard to know who offers the best quality. While James Allen and Blue Nile have extensive selections, the process of sorting through their jewelry can be overwhelming because they include lower-quality options. Some items seem to have a reasonable price among their quality pieces, while others show markup evidence.

At Noémie, they make things uncomplicated for you. They only use high-quality materials, so you won't have to sort through pages to find worthwhile options. Because they sell directly to you, you can have a luxurious piece with a fair price-tag. Noémie is thrilled to offer you the best quality for the price, all while handcrafting pieces you'll love.