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What are the Risks of Vaping Medical Cannabis Over Smoking?

I’ve been diagnosed with a condition that medical cannabis can help. My doctor has prescribed medical cannabis to me, but I’m still debating on whether or not to smoke the cannabis or vape it. I have smoked it so far, but I am not sure if there will be any health benefits to vaping rather than smoking.

What do the experts say?

Researchers have started to produce a lot of great literature on vaping versus smoking marijuana. There was actually a recent study on this exact question. Smoking and vaping are very popular options, but so are tinctures and edibles.

“If you have pain, you’ll probably want to use a Pulsar vaporizer rather than smoke the cannabis – especially if you have severe pain,” explains VapeActive.

The researchers from Johns Hopkins University found that vaping provides a much stronger punch than smoking cannabis. The study included 17 healthy adults that smoked and vaped marijuana. The users used 0 to 25 milligrams of THC in the study and started their participation in the study with at least a month of not using marijuana.

What are the Risks of Vaping Medical Cannabis Over Smoking?

Researchers found that vaping caused more powerful effects across the board, with cognition abilities and reaction time impaired for everyone in the study. The researchers claim that first-time users and anyone that uses cannabis for medical reasons will want to vape with caution.

The impact of vaping marijuana is much more intense than it is smoking, so driving or engaging in potentially dangerous activities can be riskier as a result.

You did not mention your illness, but I do know of a lot of people that have very painful cancer. The cancer can be debilitating, so the vaping of the cannabis may provide the person with far more pain relief than smoking marijuana.

Experts recommend that you vape the cannabis at home first so that you can judge the level of impairment that you experience. On a puff-for-puff basis, vaporizing leads to a higher level of intoxication.

Researchers claim that vaping doesn’t have to lead to a stronger high. You can save money by using less cannabis when vaping than smoking. The effect will be the same, but you’ll have to experiment to try and find the right level of cannabis to use.

Starting off at a 25 mg dose of THC is far too high, according to experts. You will want to start with doses that are in the 2.5 - 5 mg range for all inhaled cannabis. Tolerance levels will gradually increase, so you may need to adjust the level of product that you use.

First-time users of vaporizers often make the mistake of putting too much product in their vaporizer and have a horrible experience. Vaping is far more potent, and you also have the option of using the leftover herb for butters or to make edibles or topical creations. The potency will be lower when using already-used herb, but it’s a way to make use of your herb that is otherwise burnt away from smoking the cannabis.