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Are There Other Ways to Treat ED Aside from Pills?

I’m in my early 20s, and sometimes I have trouble getting in the mood. My friends claim to have the same issue sometimes, and it’s not something that happens every time. I can go months without an issue, but then something happens, and I can’t seem to hold an erection for long.

My doctor has downplayed the issue since it’s not chronic, and I do not want to start taking pills if it’s really not necessary.

Are There Other Ways to Treat ED Aside from Pills?

It’s estimated that 30 million people in the United States are taking ED pills, primarily three main medications: Levitra, Cialis and Viagra. But as these pills grow in popularity, we’re also seeing another trend form: a rise in alternative treatments.

A few of the additional options, aside from changing up your diet and exercising, include penile injections. The FDA has approved Alprostadil, which is injected into the penis and will trigger an automatic erection. This is the most effective form of treatment for men who cannot take oral treatments, according to urologists.

The side effects are minimal, with the two biggest side effects being burning sensation and an erection that can last for more than four hours. In the most extreme cases, the erection will require medical treatment.

Vacuum pumps are an option for anyone who cannot take pills or cringes at the idea of injecting anything into the penis. The pump method requires you to place a cylinder over the penis, which is attached to a pump. You'll be pumping air out of the cylinder to force blood to enter the penis. When blood is forced into the penis, it will lead to you being able to get an erection.

These pumps are readily available online, and a study found that the pumps are effective in 75% of men. Side effects of pumps include bruising and numbness, which are both caused by pumping too intensely or too often.

Implants are an option, but they should only be considered in the most extreme of cases. If you’re found to have a spinal cord injury or some form of a neurological disorders, surgical implants may be able to rid you of your erectile issues. Implants include a form of an implanted pump that you manually pump to force fluid into the penis.

The other option is to go with a non-surgical pump, which I find to be much safer and more effective.

Therapy may be your best bet since you have intermittent issues. A lot of men need therapy to be able to overcome their penile issues. When you have mental blocks or even anxiety, it can cause you to stop having an erection. A big part of intercourse is mental, and there are sex therapists that can help. These therapists can help you overcome depression and anxiety, which is linked to erectile dysfunction.

If your issues still persist, you may want to have your hormone levels checked. Hormone therapy will be able to correct a lot of the issues if you’re suffering from low testosterone levels.