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Each week The Daily Collegian columnists provide advice to help solve all of your problems. This week, our readers have a range of questions from defending Taylor Swift to internal future crises. 

 Dear TDC,

Am I allowed to emancipate my sister after she said she hates Taylor Swift?


Jake Gyllenhaal Hater

Dear Jake Gyllenhaal Hater,

Respectfully, your sister should just emancipate herself. Trust me, I know this situation all too well.

While I'm biased on the subject of our Lord and Savior Taylor Swift, I think those who hate her are just jealous. Genuinely, blondie has put out so many bangers in so many different genres — she's the jack of all trades.

The Taylor Swift variety is beyond impressive, and no one can say otherwise. 

Also, I'm convinced she's literally a god. Think about it — she died (went off the grid due to Kanye and overexposure), she was resurrected (enter “Reputation” era), and now, she's continuing to spread the Swift gospel.

Have you tried explaining this to your sister, my fellow Jake Gyllenhaal hater? Taylor is a complex, diverse being. 

Call it what you want, but I think your sister may be confused in her own feelings.


Olivia Estright


Dear TDC,

Should I get a second cat?


Noncrazy cat lady

Dear Noncrazy cat lady,

Short answer is YES! 

You already have one; it needs a companion. 

There’s no worries about cat hair getting everywhere or needing to buy a ton of new toys and whatnot since you’ve already been over that with your first one. 

If you’re thinking about it, you’re not going to stop until you just get the second one. 

If you’re really on the fence, maybe foster one for a while to see if two works for you and your first.


Kit Schroder

 Dear TDC, 

Is it feasible [or] not unwise to pursue a passion almost full time and prioritize education and work below your lifestyle in this society of “going to college to live fruitfully?” 

Sort of go against what our world is turning into and still be viewed as “successful” and “well-rounded?”


Thomas Michael Delaney

Dear Thomas,

You’re struggling with a common problem. 

We have our passions and dreams, but we also have those pressures society puts on us that may not align with our own desires. 

You don’t want to get to the end of your life and say, ”Oh, the things I could have done.” 

Don’t spend your whole life trying to fit into the world. It’s not possible. At the end of the day, it’s about your dream, what you want to do. 

Figure out what your goal is and hunt it. If you want something, go grab it.  

But what I usually tell people in this situation is that it’ll work out either way. 

As long as you have respect for yourself and others, your life will turn out just fine.


Will Rosenblatt


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Will Rosenblatt is a senior majoring in film. He's most known at the Collegian for interviewing Orel Hershiser, but is now living out his life long dream of blogging for a student newspaper.