Letter to the editor

This letter was written by CATA Executive Director and CEO Louwana Oliva.

We read with interest Marcayla Connell’s story in the Daily Collegian, “How will Penn State students be impacted by no Blue or White Loops this fall?” and would be glad to provide some clarification on how CATA serves passengers with disabilities.

Both Penn State and CATA have in place contingencies to accommodate passengers with disabilities who may be impacted by the changes related to CATA’s coronavirus pandemic response program. We encourage anyone with a disability or mobility challenge to contact Penn State Transportation Services or CATA to inform us of their specific needs. With that information, we can determine what accommodations can be made by Penn State or CATA to meet their individual needs.

Penn State operates two Campus Shuttle routes for employees, students and visitors that provide no-fare transportation across campus with a combined 39 stops on campus. These shuttles operate throughout the day on weekdays from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.

While CATA has suspended the Blue and White Loop routes for the fall of 2020, it will continue to operate the Green and Red Link services across campus. In fact, we have reallocated some buses to the Green Link which will increase service frequency and better optimize service to the most high-density route on campus.

In addition, CATA will continue to operate our CATARIDE services for older adults and persons with disabilities. These services are dedicated for passengers with a higher level of disability and are reserved for those unable to use CATA’s fixed-route service.

For more information on CATA services or to ask any questions about specific accommodations, customers may contact CATA by phone at 814-238-CATA(2282) or visit CATABUS.com. For information on Penn State’s Campus Shuttle service, please contact Penn State Transportation Services by email at shuttles@psu.edu, by phone at 814-865-1436, or visit transportation.psu.edu.

As everyone now knows, the coronavirus pandemic has affected all facets of life for everyone around the globe, and the Centre Region is no exception. We at CATA are doing everything we can to contribute to larger mitigation efforts while working in the best interests of the people in our community that we serve.



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