Letter to the editor

I am writing you today to express my concern about an article entitled "Suit claims Penn State mishandled sexual assault hearing, altered definition of consent."

After reading this piece, it is clear to see that this is not an example of unbiased journalism that the Collegian claims to hold its standards to. The language and information provided in this article presents a very specific view of the story without giving readers any further links to public records to read and form their own opinions.

While Aiken allegedly writes what the suit claims, she does not state her source or give readers the opportunity to see it for themselves. This presents a one-sided view, in favor of John Doe and dismisses the actions of Jane Roe.

This article, while reporting news, has the qualities of an opinion piece and should be labeled as such. This is a very poor choice in how to handle the conversation on sexual assault and survivors that damages their stories.

I would urge you to remove this irresponsible article immediately, or make significant edits before re-releasing it that would remove its bias and add further reading to allow readers to form their own opinions.


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