Jonas Brothers, Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins Tour

The Jonas Brothers perform at the Happiness Begins Tour, featuring Bebe Rexha and Jordan McGraw at the Bryce Jordan Center on Wednesday, September 4, 2019.

Over the past year, it’s safe to say the Jonas Brothers have become honorary members of the Penn State family. But what is their motivation behind choosing Penn State as their new platform of choice?

There are many factors that go into this ongoing relationship. Most importantly, though, college-aged students are the same demographic of people who were part of the Jonas Brothers’ original fan base 10 years ago — making Penn State the perfect place to start their big comeback.

The Jonas Brothers had their first live performance after their reunion at Champs Downtown in April, in reaction to the Barstool Sports best college bar contest on Twitter. Since this night, the Jonas Brothers craze hasn’t faded one bit.

The attention the Jonas Brothers are giving to Penn State is valuable press for sure. Who doesn’t love to see James Franklin chilling with the Jo Bros?

It’s nice to see Penn State featured nationally for something positive — but some could also see this as a distraction from bad press the university has received regarding more pressing issues, especially amid several lawsuits.

This relationship also creates a sense of nostalgia for Penn State students, who may have been die-hard fans in the earlier years of the Jonas Brothers, making them feel special seeing how much they care about our school.

Perhaps the reason Jonas Brothers also love Penn State is that they never went to college themselves. Maybe the brothers really are just three guys who never got to understand what it meant to be a normal college student, and they are enjoying getting a taste of that in these appearances in State College.

Overall, the Jonas Brothers’ love of Penn State feels very genuine. All the positive press is great and the university is definitely benefiting from the support, but the brothers could genuinely just enjoy immersing themselves into college culture with no ulterior motives.

Will the Jonas Brothers craze continue after their concert at the BJC? If they continue to come back and show support like they have, it definitely will.

The brothers have made it to some of the most popular Penn State events — a bar downtown, a football game and the BJC. What could possibly be next?

After seeing the brothers surprise THON teen Lily last week, maybe we can expect another appearance this year at THON.

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