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Twitter has blown up over the past 24 hours with criticism of President Donald Trump stating he has never heard of a Category 5 hurricane in reaction to the severity of Hurricane Dorian.

While many Trump adversaries are happy to jump at any opportunity to criticize the President for a variety of reasons — including his use of social media — what may be more important to criticize is his lack of response to those impacted by natural disasters in the past.

We can only hope to see this change with Hurricane Dorian as the storm continues to break records.

The Washington Post outlines the highlights of records broken by the storm, including strongest landfall winds of 185 mph and strongest rapid intensification, speeding up from 150 mph to 185 mph in just nine hours.

Dorian was the fourth Category 5 hurricane to occur under the Trump administration after Irma, Maria and Michael. Hurricane ratings can change as the storm progresses, and Dorian has already been downgraded to a Category 4.

Hurricane Dorian made its way across the Bahamas Monday night — the strongest storm on record to hit the Bahamas — leaving at least five people dead.

The storm is now heading toward Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, which brings into question how the government will respond to damage here versus in the surrounding islands — the difference clearly seen in the past with Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico.

Just a day before his press conference on Sunday, Trump officials noted that the $155 million taken from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Disaster Relief Fund transferred to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement would have no effect on Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.

This hurricane is still a threat to many people, and it is impossible to know how much help will be needed in the areas affected just yet. We just hope the aid is given where it is most necessary, as it has not been distributed fairly after past weather emergencies under the Trump administration.

This is also the fourth year in a row with a hurricane of this gravity, yet we are still waiting on politicians to change their minds about scientific facts.

It is undeniable that the Atlantic hurricane seasons in recent years have been more severe than years past. This is the first time there has ever been four consecutive years with Category 5 hurricanes.

While the public may not be happy with the president’s actions in these times of crisis, there are still opportunities to speak up and aid in the relief efforts both on a local and national level.

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