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The middle of the semester is in full swing, and students are now closer to its historically stressful end than its more lax beginning. While academics are certainly important, good grades and perfect attendance are not the only things that matter in life.

Life as a college student has the potential to feel exhausting at times, it’s important to remind yourself some days that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. College may be some of the most memorable years of our lives, but it is also just that: a few years of our lives.

As we push into the second half of the semester, the Collegian’s editorial board would like to take a moment to offer words of encouragement for Penn State students trying to make it through the rest of this fall.

“As a senior, I’ve finally realized how not worth it it is to be unnecessarily hard on myself. You’re going to feel burnt out at times — watch some Netflix, or order take-out and decompress with friends. You know what you need, when you need it, so take a second to listen to yourself. You might feel like you’re just scraping by, but completing a degree is pretty badass. In the words of Kris Jenner, ‘You’re doing amazing, sweetie.’” - Elena Rose, Editor in Chief

“As much as my parents roll their eyes and groan when I say this, I always stress that students often spend too much time worrying about schoolwork and grades. It might be easy for me to say this as a senior journalism student, but truly take time to enjoy whatever amount of time you have left in college. I also always say that everyone is here for a reason, so don’t ever question that. Don’t take any day for granted.” - Tyler King, Managing Editor

“I think what makes this time of year hard for a lot of students is a struggle to find perspective. When school work and stress start to force me into negative head spaces, I try to take a moment to appreciate things that are often taken for granted — that I’m healthy enough to be here, get to see my friends every day, etc. A poor grade on an assignment is not the end of the world. So relax.” - David Eckert, Digital Managing Editor

“My biggest regret looking back on the semester so far is putting more stress on myself than I need to — and my editors can attest to this. I often find myself dreading the things I know I love because I tell myself I have more important things to do. It is also important to remember that it is okay to sit and cry if the stress becomes too much. Don’t take what you enjoy for grated and give yourself a break when you need it.” - Lindsey Toomer, Opinions & News Social Media Editor

“Take everything one day at a time, take every day one hour at a time, and take every hour one minute at a time. Right now things might be stressful, but some day you’ll look back at these moments — even the hectic, stressful ones — and miss them. Breathe in, breathe out. Force yourself to do your work. It doesn’t have to be perfect — it’s better to have something done than nothing at all. Take a break and go get some ice cream. You’ll be okay.” - Maddie Aiken, News Editor

“As someone graduating three (3) semesters early, I feel this semester fleeting rapidly, so my advice is for students to not allow the stress to overpower the good things. While studying and schoolwork is important, still make time to get dinner with friends, go to a party, whatever. Being a college student provides some experiences you will never receive in the ‘adult’ world, and you can never know what the future holds.” - Lauren Fox, Assistant News Editor

“My main advice for those counting the minutes until the end of the semester: Just breathe. Give yourself a tight hug because you’re closer to the finish line than you think and you can do this. You might need help, you may do this on your own but things will get done. Learn to accept that things might not be how you pictured but could still be a good thing. Just breathe, that’s all I can really say.” - Lilly Forsyth, Features & Investigation Editor

“It’s hard to believe I’m already a junior — before I know it I’ll be graduating. I have so much I still want to accomplish, so I’m going to make the most of the time I have left. If I ever find I’m struggling, I always find an excellent support system in my friends. This semester, I’ve spent time with them almost every weekend. It makes me feel relaxed to be around the people I love most. Don’t take times like this for granted — college goes way too fast.” - Chelsea Kun, Arts & Lifestyle Editor

“As my last fall at Penn State nears its end, I’m having trouble figuring out where all the time went. So my advice to you — whether you’re a freshman or a fifth-year — is to make the most of the little moments in each day. This life flies by, so take that extra second to laugh with your friends or enjoy your morning coffee. Sacrifice your Friday morning to go out on a Thursday night. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. Don’t let habit bore you.” - Matt Lingerman, Sports Editor

“Even if sometimes there are things that aren’t going your way or if you feel buried in work, just take a step back and breathe or work out or talk to a friend and realize that your time here will fly by. For all the stresses in your life just take a bigger look at them, use them to grow and as a means of self-reflection. In case the stress ever does get too much, take a step back and enjoy yourself. You deserve it and life’s too short.” - Jake Aferiat, Assistant Sports Editor

“Honestly, the main thing that has kept me going this semester has been my friends. Classes get boring and work gets to be too much at times, but being able to see my friends and tell jokes and just relax for a few minutes makes everything easier. I’d encourage everyone to stop, take a breath and enjoy the little moments because they add up, and they’re the things I remember and smile about when I’m feeling down.” - Shane Connelly, Assistant Sports Editor

“While it may be difficult for a lot of people to take a mental health day, find a way to take a mental health hour. Just to take some time to relax and take a breath. Get a bite to eat and just not worry about what you have to do. It’s important for me to not be thinking or stressing over something all day. And don’t ruin your weekends with all work. Go out one night. See your friends. This will just make you feel better overall.” - Dylan Jacobs, Football Editor

“There are points almost every single week where I feel like I’m just buried in work I don’t know how to do. Each time I feel like this is finally gonna be the end; I’m going to fail the class, I’m going to have to drop out of school, etc. Yet, I’ve made it this far. I’ve had enough bad breaks in my life to realize the sun actually does come up the next day, as cliche as that is. You made it this far, you will figure out how to finish whatever it is you’re doing. It may not be obvious at that point, but it will eventually.” - Jack Hirsh, Multimedia Editor

“Take a break from homework and TREAT YO’ SELF every once in a while.” - Caitlin Lee, Photo Editor

“The aspects of college you will remember are not that exam that ruined your grade or that one awful professor —you will remember the real experience of being a student here. Try to take a step back and look at the big picture of being a student. Sure, grades matter a lot but not enough to completely sacrifice that experience. Take the time to go do something you’ve never done before because it’ll be worth it when you look back on your years here.” - Aabha Vora, Assistant Photo Editor

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