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The day Facebook and Instagram went silent… at least for a few hours. Mark Zuckerberg decided to take the day off to catch a tan I suppose as on Monday, two of social media’s powerhouses were inaccessible to all for about five hours.

Students across campus were talking about the outage as they could no longer scroll on Instagram in class and were forced to pay attention to the professors — or so you would think. Instead, everyone flocked to Twitter to get their social media fill and dopamine hits.

Twitter actually created an emoji for the event with the hashtag #InternetShutDown.

It appeared to be all fun and games as memes circulated Twitter and everything seemed to subside once the apps were back up and running. Though, it does raise the question, “What would we do without social media?”

If the Zuck himself decided to go off the grid to live in the woods and shut down Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, society might actually fall into shambles. Of course, this isn’t very likely, as there are other decision makers in the process.

On top of all the economic turbulence that would result from a permanent shutdown of these sites, it would also force people into new comfort zones. One could say users would just turn to Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat, or someone else would simply release platforms similar to Instagram and Facebook, but don’t be a buzzkill, alright?

Everywhere you look, people are on their phones, and a lot of the time, they’re on social media. It offers an escape for many, somewhere they can connect with friends or express their true beliefs. For others, it’s simply a distraction.

Some people’s jobs are social media, so it had more of a ramification for them.

Grandparents and parents sent texts to their children or grandchildren asking why they couldn’t use Facebook. It shows how people of all ages have come to rely on social media and how many struggle to fill the time of day without it.

How can we expect people to be productive when so much of their productiveness seems to rely on the ability to check these sites? People became enthralled and trapped in the mystery of why they couldn’t use their favorite apps.

It’s a problem that can’t be easily solved in all reality. Social media is distracting and makes many people less productive, but take it away, and many will just obsess over why they can’t use it.

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