Pellis, Wellness Day

I know what you might be thinking from the headline: Why is she complaining about Penn State’s wellness days when they are a day off from class?

While I appreciate Penn State giving students days off after canceling spring break, I find the wellness days useless.

For me, every wellness day this semester has consisted of me doing a ton of homework.

During the last wellness day, I wrote a 3,000 word essay — it took up half the day. Then, I had to go to work later.

While I understand it would not be safe right now, we should have had a spring break.

For this recent wellness day on April 7, I worked all day and did not get the chance to relax.

I have not gotten the chance to experience a true spring break, since I am only a sophomore. We had spring break in 2020 before the spike in coronavirus cases, but it was not what I was expecting.

I do enjoy days off, especially when the weather is nice out, but I think I would be less stressed throughout the semester if I had one week off.

I see many people going out with their friends on wellness days — while I have resorted to working on school projects.

Could I take a break for a bit? No.

Professors do not consider how students take classes. While they may encourage us to take advantage of wellness days, there are still other activities students would prefer to do besides completing endless assignments.

I would love to experience more than just one day off on a random day of the month.

I want some consistency, and I want to have a longer break in the future — I am burning out.

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