Sarah Normalcy Graphic

This week, I flew on a plane for the first time since before the pandemic.

People have been traveling more since it’s safer, and I’m glad I finally get to go to the beach again — I didn’t realize how ungrateful I was that I could go to the beach before the pandemic.

However, I’m not sure if I’m still able to function in the real world — let alone anyone else out there.

When I was in the airports, it was like a circus with people running everywhere.

Why were there so many people? Oh wait, I haven’t seen that many people in forever.

My biggest issue with it being “post-pandemic” is how people don’t know how to read anymore — I’ve seen it at work and while traveling.

What do I mean by people not reading? People are literally not reading.

After our flight, someone was in our hotel room because they didn’t pay attention to what room we were in, let alone read their paperwork.

I’m not sure who does that or how that happens, but I think it’s because people don’t know how to function anymore because of the pandemic. How is it that hard to pay attention and read a document?

I am worried for people’s well-being now that the world is getting back to normal.

This transition is stressful for some people, but there are some who are bouncing back into the world like nothing has happened. Those are the people who are not functioning well currently.

It’s like no one has any social skills anymore: It’s kind of concerning.

I understand some may have social anxiety, and I know a lot of people in my life who have it as well, but there are some people in this world who are just so socially unaware, especially right now.

This totally sounds like some rant about random people who accidentally took our room for the week, but some people just surprise me.

To whoever is reading this right now, I hope you are functioning well post-pandemic. The world is still a scary place, but that doesn’t mean you should treat others differently just because you are trying to figure things out again.

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