braden is famous

Thomas Edison famously once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” I don’t know where my genius comes from, but I certainly have it.

As everybody already knows by now, I host a podcast for The Daily Collegian, “We Are… Trying Our Best,” with the equally talented James Langan. James and I won second place for the Keystone Student Media awards confirming that we are… award-winners.

Now you may say to yourself, “Only second place, you guys deserved better!” But hey, even Scoresse doesn’t win the Oscar every year. No genius is ever going to get the recognition they deserve by the system, but even establishment stooges can’t deny our brilliance.

With all the fame and fortune I have received for my art, it can be difficult to stay connected to you, the masses who I feed with my immaculate bread and circuses. Fortunately, I am incredibly humble.

From a young age my creative genius separated from everyone else. My finger paintings rivaled Picasso, my rendition of “Hot Cross Buns” would have made Mozart wept, and my talent was God-like rivaling Narcissus himself.

The burden of my genius is too much, even for me. After creating something, I often weep in despair, for I cannot fully comprehend its divine beauty.

I cannot leave my dorm without being flooded by fans of the award-winning podcast, “We Are...Trying Our Best.” They beg for selfies, autographs on every limb of the body, and just a chance to get near me. When James and I are in public, it’s like The Beatles have reunited. There are millions of fans cheering at us, all at once.

This genius and fame I experience is all well-deserved. It’s almost too easy for me to create beautiful content, it’s like I’m not even trying at all. The creativity flows through me like water flows through… more water.

Isn't life just living art? A reflection of the human soul. If so, then I am a great man for the art I can create.

What is the relationship between the artist and their art, a creator and their creation. I know that art is an essential part of the artist. To love the art is to love the artist, therefore many people love me. But not as much as I love myself.

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