Old Car, parked

An old model BMW parks on the side of the street on Saturday, July 10, 2021 in State College Pa. 

Editor’s Note: The Daily Collegian is committed to facilitating debates on topical subjects relevant to the Penn State community among leading intellectuals. The following dueling columns are an example of said dialogues.

I should be allowed to hit pedestrians while I’m driving on campus

Braden Dyreson | The Daily Collegian

Anybody who’s ever driven at Penn State knows it’s one of the worst experiences a student can face.

Various roads around campus are closed all the time, other drivers don’t understand the concept of staying in their own lane and there are stop signs every three feet. It seems like the Office of the Physical Plant enjoys throwing up stop signs in random spots just because.

But, easily the worst part about driving around campus is the pedestrians. People are everywhere around campus and there’s not a moment where you can avoid dealing with them.

The sheer amount of people wandering around campus wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the uncanny ability of students to step out into the middle of traffic. Students either aren’t paying attention or just don’t care and walk wherever they want. It seems like students are just eager to try out their Penn State insurance.

There’s only one answer to this crisis of jaywalking — allow drivers on campus to hit pedestrians.

Now will some students end up hurt or dead from this new policy proposal? Yes, but that’s a sacrifice I, and I assume the Penn State administration is willing to make. Here at Penn State, our focus is on making money, not the wellbeing of students, faculty and staff. Letting drivers slam through crowds of people walking during class change will definitely help clean up traffic.

Remove all the cars from campus and let me walk wherever I want

Braden Dyreson | The Daily Collegian

Having a car on campus is like having a significant other — I don’t have one so why should anyone else?

It’s well past time we remove every vehicle from campus. And I’m not just talking about cars, people. Everything’s got to go. No more bikes, scooters, mopeds, skateboards, electric scooters, bloop, woop, mules dragging a canal boat, sailboats on wheels and those electric board things with only one wheel (I’m not really sure how they work).

They all need to be removed. It’s too much of a danger from doing exactly what I do best — walk into traffic without using the crosswalk.

From now on, everybody will be using Mother Nature’s car: your two legs. Stop the madness, stop the pain. No cars, only pedestrians.

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