I’m sure many have already discovered the new “wonder drug” via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But, who would have guessed it would be Apple Cider Vinegar?

Not me, that’s for sure. I first came across Apple Cider Vinegar, or AVC, while watching a Youtube vlog a few months ago.

According to this vlogger, taking a daily dose of ACV has numerous health benefits. At first I thought she was crazy because nobody I knew would willingly drink vinegar. However, I began to notice similar posts and articles all over social media claiming ACV really was some sort of “wonder drug.”

After doing some research, I learned that this new fad wasn’t a trick or hoax. To start, ACV is a natural bacteria fighting agentcontaining many vital minerals and trace elements. Some of these minerals and elements include potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. When it comes down to specific health benefits, ACV covers different areas of the body, from the heart to the skin.

Some of the benefits that grabbed my attention were weight loss, digestion and energy boost. When looking into weight loss, I found that ACV lowers blood and insulin levels and can increase feelings of fullness in many individuals. I also focused on uncovering the digestion benefit because of my own personal health troubles.

Because ACV increases stomach acid, the connection is clear with digestion. We can almost think of it as a natural probiotic. Finally, instead of sucking down all those coffees, a little bit of AVC can put that pep in your step by naturally boosting your body’s enzymes. With a bunch of healthy benefits, why not give it a go?

I decided to put these benefits to the test by experimenting with ACV a few weeks ago.

For starters, I wouldn’t recommend taking the average daily dose of 2 tbsp. on your first day. I would work it into your diet with 1 tablespoon mixed with some water or any other drink you’d prefer. If you’re not the type to drink it—I do not blame you— there are plenty of other ways to sneak it into your diet, such as using ACV as part of a salad dressing.

Eventually, you can add another tablespoon and see what benefits you most. I also wouldn’t encourage taking ACV straight because it isn’t too pleasant, and can have an effect on your tooth enamel.

Although I don’t feel like superwoman, I do feel full longer, and I see less bloating after my meals. It has been helping with digestion, and serves as a daily energy boost. I will continue to use ACV in my diet.

As we continue to search for modern health boosters, we ought to consider that we might be looking too hard. It is amazing to think that various natural health benefits can be found in the very own cabinets of our homes. If you haven’t tried ACV yet, I definitely recommend it. Who knows, maybe it will do you wonders.

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Madison Galascio is a sophomore majoring in nutrution-dietetics, and is a guest columnist for The Daily Collegian.