Old Main - Sunday April 4

Penn State students enjoy the warm Easter weather on Old Main lawn on Sunday, April 4, 2021, in University Park, Pa.

Spring in State College, is there a better time of year? Yes there is, but spring isn’t bad. It’s 70 degrees and sunny one day and below freezing with inches of snow the next day. With all this great weather going on in University Park, there’s plenty of fun stuff to do outside.

Eat outside

There are plenty of great spots around campus to go and chow down on a meal such as the HUB lawn or outside of Pollock Dining Commons. Go get your takeout meal and take in the cool breeze out in the sun.

Play the guitar out on the HUB lawn

Want to pick up chicks? Go play your guitar out where everyone can see you. It doesn’t even matter if you know how to play guitar. Just go out there, pick those strings, hum a little and see what happens.

Cry in public

What could be less awkward than weeping openly in a public space? Find a bench near a sidewalk on campus and let the waterworks flow. Watch as everyone passing you by attempts to not make eye contact with you.

Hit people with a runaway frisbee

Go stand in a circle with some of your friends and throw a frisbee around Old Main lawn. Just throw said frisbee past your buddy and have it hit some other people minding their own business.

Get lost in the Arboretum

One of the best places on campus to chillax and waste time is the Arboretum. Just go up to the north side of campus to check out some dope plants. Be sure to bring breadcrumbs with you, so you can find your way out when you inevitably get lost.

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