Climate change protest

Members of the Pennsylvania chapter of the Sierra Club and other climate advocacy groups stand at the Allen Street Gates to support the kids of the Juliana vs US Government court case, also known as the Children’s Climate Lawsuit, on Sunday, Oct 28, 2018.

The Roaring ‘20s is something that has been built up to everyone since they were old enough to understand; going to high school and reading books like “The Great Gatsby” has brought up this borderline utopian concept in everyone’s minds about what it would have been like to live through prohibition.

This idealistic image includes the likes of flapper dresses, grand parties and large-scale reform. Don’t be surprised if this year the new-year Instagram captions are along the lines of “Happy 2020 Old Sport.”

The ‘20s are back, and in a few months, it will have been a century after that period of praised culture. Now, however, our “generation” will be faced with issues that could potentially have a more devastating effect than that of World War II, which erupted a decade after the ‘20s last time around.

Climate change and the disturbing trends of nationalism are positioning themselves at the forefront of media, and have been plaguing the minds of those who are responsible — often reluctantly — for solving these issues.

So how does one stay optimistic in these seemingly desperate times?

Well, change must come. Something has got to give. It must. While the doomsday attitude remains prevalent, we must remind ourselves that we are in the age of information with technology at the forefront of everyone’s mind and information virtually available at our fingertips.

Likewise, it is now possible for people who had previously limited access to such information to be able to make their impact on the world, despite how biased the world remains to be.

Change is coming, it is happening, and it will arrive. Keeping a “good attitude” may be difficult, but it is not only possible but feasible.

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