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With temperatures reaching lows of 30 degrees, the impending cold has arrived at State College — and aside from the sporadic global warming-induced days of 60 and 70 degrees, it is here to stay.

For many, it is much harder to leave the house with colder temperatures — especially for college students walking all over campus. It also doesn’t help that due to daylight savings on Nov. 3, the sun will now set at 5 p.m.

I find joy in the cooler months of November, December and the start of January — but as the later months of winter roll around, I start to question the fact that I live in a valley often five degrees colder than my Pennsylvania hometown.

Despite this seemingly endless list of complaints about the cold, I actually enjoy these transition months leading up to the holiday season.

The first positive to be found in the coldness of State College is the beautiful trees around campus and in the mountains. Last weekend I drove back to Penn State after going home, and it allowed me to appreciate the colorful foliage that surrounds Happy Valley.

Often stuck in Downtown State College without a car, I forget that I live in the mountains of Pennsylvania and that there are many beautiful sights to see in the nature surrounding State College.

Next is the relaxing feeling of a snow day stuck indoors. During my freshman year, Penn State was hit by a major snowstorm in the days leading up to Thanksgiving break. Those who chose wisely, left State College on Wednesday or Thursday before the break officially started after Friday classes — but my friend and I did not think as wisely.

During the two days of cancelled class on Thursday and Friday, we consumed about five movies, four cups of hot chocolate and endless GrubHubs in the cave-like dorms of East Halls.

This is most likely my favorite part about the cold — I do enjoy my time spent outside, but the snow day excuse of complete laziness just brings a general day of happiness and to the town. There are no expectations and you don’t have to feel bad about being stuck inside all day because the snow prevents you from doing anything else.

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Coming to Penn State also gave me a larger appreciation of another cold season favorite — football games. When I was growing up, my family would reserve fall and winter Sundays strictly for football. We always made dips, wings, and other classic game day appetizers to ensure a day of good eats and football.

Now, Penn State football brings a different excitement to me every fall on top of typical football Sundays — especially with their success this season. For all the Penn State football fans, we have an exciting month of football weekends to look forward to bundling up for.

Next, of course, is the holiday season. With less than two months of the semester left, Thanksgiving and winter break are approaching soon. These placed breaks are certainly a huge motivator for myself to get through hard school weeks, because I know that three weeks I will be with my family and fed tasty food that isn’t what I scramble to make in my kitchen.

The holidays are a uniting time, and a great way to show those who you love that you care. As I grow older, I begin to get excited over giving gifts to my family members and the overall month break at home.

These approaching days of cold and holiday times bring whole areas together in the trying times of fighting the cold. So, get your parkas and hats and be prepared — winter is coming and unlike Game of Thrones, the White Walkers are cold, miserable college students.

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